Monday, January 09, 2012

eBay: Drysdale Signs Dodgers Contract

I saw this on eBay a few days ago and just had to put it up. It features a dashing Don Drysdale hugging his equally gorgeous wife, Ginger, after signing a Dodgers player contract for the 1961 season for $32,500, which is a 30% raise over his pay from last season ($25,000). Adjusted for inflations this equates to approximately $235,000.00 today.

At this time he was just a one-time All-Star, so his path to Baseball immortality was far from assured. He certainly was on the right path, though. Drysdale led the league in strike outs for the second straight season while leading all pitchers in hit batsman for the 3rd straight season. The latter pays homage to how feared batters became of him. Shortly, he would become a perennial All-Star. With Sandy Koufax coming into his own the next season, Drysdale would be a part of a pitching duo that would rule the 60's.
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