Friday, March 09, 2012

2012 Topps Opening Day- The Dodgers Within

As noted previously, this set is fairly "ho-hum." It really doesn't excite me much and I think the collecting world would be better off if they were never made. Unfortunately, I don't control the cog at Topps, so I have no control over such things. Still, couldn't they at least use different photos than what is available in Topps current flagship card set?

The above cards are the 6 Dodger base cards and you will notice they are exactly the same as the normal Topps base card set released in early February. In fact, the only difference is the little "Opening Day" logo on the bottom right of each card.

On the other hand, this base set does provide something new. On the bottom left is our first glimpse at a 2012 Clayton Kershaw base card. The Series 1 set released previously did not include Kershaw.

For Dodger fans there really isn't much to be happy about when it comes to limited insert cards. Check out the only ones you will find. No relics or autographs are known at this time. Below is a Opening Day Fantasy Squad insert card of Matt Kemp.
The next two are Opening Day Stars cards of Kemp and Kershaw. These are 3D cards that are similar to the Sportsflix cards made in the late 80's.
Other than the Kershaw base card I mentioned above, this card below may be the only reason this set even enters my mind. Here is a Superstar Celebration card of a, I assume, walk-off win. I love that they captured him sporting one of those throwback uniforms from last season.

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