Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 Bowman Baseball- Dodgers Base Cards

2012 Bowman Baseball has just been released for public consumption.  This set tends to focus on prospects, but it does include several current Major League stars.  To see a complete checklist go here.  There are five everyday Dodgers in the base set and three Dodgers prospects in the prospects set.  See them below.

 12 Matt Kemp

As always, there are numerous parallel cards available of each card (including different colored borders).  One parallel that stuck out to me are the International parallel cards.  They are black bordered with the flag of the players national origin in the background.

56 Ted Lilly

110 Dee Gordon

151 Clayton Kershaw

 183 James Loney

 Bowman Prospect Cards

Please note the Devon Ethier card below.  He is Andre's little brother, and (I believe) this is his first regular issue Baseball card.

 BP35 Devon Ethier

BP67 J.T. Wise

BP104 Joc Pederson

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