Saturday, August 11, 2012

Collection: 1965 Topps Presidents and Famous Americans Set

With the weekend buzz surrounding the Vice Presidential pick for the Republican ticket becoming front page fodder, I thought another dip into my collection of non-sports trading cards would be in order. 

When I was active in chasing after non-sports cards my favorite target were American history and presidents.  There are numerous different sets available going back over 100 years, and I'll be sure to share all that I have over the coming months as the general election gets closer. 

Featured here is a 1965 Topps set that is much larger than your typical trading card.  It is the same width as a modern card, but is taller by an inch or so.  They measure 2.5" x 4 11/16".  It is called "Presidents and Famous Americans" and is complete at only 44 cards.

This set is fairly scarce, but not widely collected.  I've seen complete sets range from $150 to $300, depending on condition.  As you can see they show the subject as an embossed form on the front with a short biography.  The reverse is blank.  I think it is noteworthy that the colored backgrounds seem to relate to either a political party (this doesn't appear consistent), if the President had died in office (black), or is a famous American (green).

Check out my complete set below.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

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  1. Cool set. Of course they bring to mind the similar embossed baseball set from the same year.

    1. Oh, you're right. I didn't even see the connection until now.


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