Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Collection: More Vintage Comic Baseball Postcards

If you watch the game long enough you will see things you could not imagine possible. Sometimes, Baseball is just a barrel of laughs.

For instance, would you believe that a multimillion dollar pitcher could throw a pitch that would land 30 feet from home plate?  Well, Barry Zito did it.

It's impossible to steal first base, right?  Well, guess what?  Germany Schaefer did it about 100 years ago.  Heck, he stole 3 bases on three consecutive pitches without getting past second base. 

And the stories can go on from there for an eternity.  You see, Baseball isn't just a sport filled with gifted athletes.  It is also a game filled with wonder and laughs.  For that reason, I wanted to share some more vintage comic Baseball postcards from my collection in hopes of providing some comic relief.

Featured here are circa 1910's era postcards showing couples fooling around on the diamond.  They are light and whimsical.  On top of that, for a collector they are affordable.  The average postcard like this should cost you about $5 and can likely be had for less if you find a lot of postcards for sale all at once.

I, for one, believe that no vintage Baseball collection is complete without a handful of these kind of beauties in it.  It's like a homage to what Baseball really is.  It is a game meant to make us cheer, pray, smile, and laugh.

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