Thursday, October 04, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 10/4/2012

I saw this on reddit, and had to share it.  Scully always has a great way of putting everything in perspective.
"They'll cut it open and see what's going on inside of there," Kemp said. "Hopefully, they just clean it up. If they need to do more, they'll do more, but I won't know anything until I wake up.
Falsone acknowledged an MRI exam Kershaw underwent this month revealed damage to the hip.

"There are plenty of guys walking around with shoulders that, if you did an MRI, would be messed up," Falsone said. "The MRI, you're always going to find something. You have to decide if that MRI correlates with the symptoms.

"You always have to remember to treat the person. The MRI gives us information. We don't treat off of it. He's feeling really good. All the muscles have calmed down. The inflammation's gone down. The injection worked. The therapy has worked. Things are going really well."
This is no ordinary bone spur or knee scope, either, this is a cardiac ablation designed to correct the arrhythmia that hospitalized Jansen in September and inadvertently cost him his job as the Dodgers' closer.
  • Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt writes a story at about the current state of player autographs.  This is why I love the guy.  He is actually concerned about the fan-player experience.
  • Joe Lucia at the Outside Corner puts together his list of the 10 most disappointing ball players this season, and a Dodger tops the list.
  • Remember Michelle Jenneke?  She's that Australian sprinter who does a tantalizing dance before every race on the race track.  Well, Sportress of Blogitude has 6 gifs of her dancing in the rain.  Yes, I said 6.
  • Below, the Dodgers thank the fans for a great 2012 season.

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