Friday, January 25, 2013

Collection: Just Minors Tony Abreu and Andy LaRoche

Once upon a time, the Dodgers looked so incredibly stacked with prospects.  Broxton, Billingsley, Loney, Russell Martin, Joel Guzman, Kuo and Edwin Jackson were coming through the ranks.  And that was before the emergence of kids like Kemp and Kershaw.  Heck, we had the makings of a future championship club.  Soon, though we would discover that expectations do not often match reality.  This is especially important considering that Baseball America recently released their list of the Dodgers Top 10 Prospects.  I can say with certainty that many of those players will not pan out, and that's an unfortunate fact.  Of course, we could get lucky, so who knows, right?

Anyway, keeping with that theme of highly regarded Dodger prospects I bring to you a couple of Just Minors prospect Baseball cards featuring two kids who where destined for greatness. 

Featured here are 2005 Just Minor autographed cards of Tony Abreu and Andy LaRoche from my collection. Abreu looked like he could be our answer in the infield, while LaRoche was a power slugging 3rd baseman destined to be our version of Mike Schmidt.  Unfortunately, neither player would grow to fill those shoes.

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