Monday, April 14, 2014

An Off Day Battle Betwwen Puig and Pence on MLB14 - Video Included

With today being an off day for the Dodgers, the only Baseball related action Dodger fans could enjoy was a scheduled video game match between Yasiel Puig and Hunter Pence.  MLB14 had just come out, so IGN got these two rivals to duke it out on a game console.  After all, who would be the best candidates to show the game off than a couple of big bats from one of the more intense rivalries in the game?  Below are a few screen grabs from the action.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

BTW, Puig kicked some Pence butt.  He won the game 11 12 to 1.  The best part of the show was hearing Puig scream, "Let's Go Puiggy!" 

Puig and Pence also played a couple of rounds of Home Run Derby. 

Puig took these games too.  BTW, check out the photo on the left, directly above.  You can see Puig doing some celebrating.

Fortunately, you can watch all of the action in the videos below:

Video Link:

Then they played some Home Run Derby.  Watch it below:

Video Link:

As you'll notice immediately when you start watching the Home Run Derby video above, a viewer tweeted a very Reddit-like question.  Check out the below screen grab.

The internet is such a strange place.  BTW, Hunter Pence answered that he would rather fight 100 duck sized horses.  Puig, on the other hand, looked confused.

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