Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Here are some Day 1 Twitter Pics of "The National"

Following up on all of the photos I shared yesterday from the National Sports Card Collectors Convention in Cleveland, here are some more pics from today that might make you envious of everyone there. 

The show officially opened up this afternoon, with VIP ticket holders getting early entry and free autograph opportunities with former Major Leaguers Carlos Baerga, Dale Murphy and Denny McLain.  Below is Baerga, via ESPN Mint Condition on twitter:

And here is Dale Murphy with some fans, via his own twitter account.  I gotta add that I really hated Dale Murphy.  Not because he was a bad guy... Not in the least... I hated him because he always seems to kill the Dodgers.  And the way he swung that bat around, which must have been 40 inches long, just scared the living daylights out of me every time he came up to the plate.  As I now check his stats, I see that he didn't even hit us very hard, but I still feared, respected and hated the guy.

Now, on to the show.  Wheatland Auctions shares a panoramic:

WTF?  Pete Rose broke up the Beatles?  (Via VSM Sportscards on twitter)

Here's another look at Topps tiny pavilion, via SCC Trading Cards:

Leaf, on the other hand, pulled out all of the stops.  Via SCC Trading Cards:

ThoseBackPages shows us some incredible vintage cards in a case.

Here's Panini's booth, via SportsCardNews:

Here's Upper Deck, via Chris Harris of Stale Gum:

Finally, here's a game-used Babe Ruth bat at the Memory Lane booth, via Jamie Taylor on twitter:

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  1. My guess on the Rose is that it's just his sarcastic way of saying people made him out to be a worse guy than he was and blamed him for things they shouldn't have.


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