Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Take a Look at some Kyle Funkhouser Baseball Cards - Our 2nd 2015 1st Round Pick

I still find it strange that amateur ballplayers have Baseball cards on the market.  How can this be?  They obviously (at least, I think) aren't paid for inclusion into this product, and you'd think there wouldn't be a huge market for it.  On the other hand, the cards available of our compensation 1st Round Pick (35th overall), Kyle Funkhouser, are of the Team USA variety, so I guess that's OK.

BTW, our first pick of the draft, Walker Buehler, doesn't appear to have any cards available at all.  He never played for Team USA, and I couldn't find his name connected to any other "prep" card sets on the market.  No doubt, that will change soon.

As for Funkhouser, he is found in two different Team USA Baseball cards sets.  He has several cards available in the 2014 Panini USA set and in the recently released 2015 Panini USA Stars & Stripes set.

As with most Panini products today there are a bunch of parallels, and the checklist provided is a bit of a confusing mess.  Nevertheless, I have been able to track down most of Kyle's cards I am aware of.  Check them out below.

Over the next few days I'll try to track down cards of all of our other draft picks, so stay tuned.

2014 Panini USA Baseball Cards

Base Set

#11 Kyle Funkhouser

I believe the card below is some sort of base set parallel, but I have not been able to track it down on a published checklist.  It is #11.

USA Baseball Game Action

#4 Kyle Funkhouser

Collegiate National Team Jersey

#11 Kyle Funkhouser

Collegiate National Team Autographs

#11 Kyle Funkhouser

Game Ball Autograph Parallel                Jersey Autograph Parallel

Game Ticket Auto Parallel              Black Gold Auto

Red and Blue Prizms

#11 Kyle Funkhouser (#/149)

Red and Blue Prizm Signatures

#11 Kyle Funkhouser (#/25)


2015 Panini USA Stars and Stripes Baseball Cards

Base Set

#61 Kyle Funkhouser

Base Parallels:

Crusade Blue                                      Crusade Red/Blue

Longevity Signatures

#61 Kyle Funkhouser (#/299)

Stars and Stripes Signatures

#58 Kyle Funkhouser (#/99)

Champions Set

#9 Kyle Funkhouser

Game Gear Materials

#58 Kyle Funkhouser (#/299)

Game Gear Materials Signatures

#58 Kyle Funkhouser (#/99)

Jumbo Swatch Silhouettes Jerseys

#58 Kyle Funkhouser (#/99)

Jumbo Swatch Silhouettes Signatures Jerseys

#58 Kyle Funkhouser (#/99)

Lettermen Set

#18 Kyle Funkhouser (#/10)
(Not Seen Yet)

Quad Materials Set

#3 Swanson, Cameron, Allard & Funkhouser
(Not Seen Yet)

#6 Fulmer, Lemoine, Allard & Funkhouser

Statistical Standouts

#4 Kyle Funkhouser 

USA Flag Silhouettes

#21 Kyle Funkhouser (#/2)

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