Friday, September 03, 2010

2010 Topps "206" Dodger Base Cards

Topps just released their 2010 "206" Baseball card set. Fashioned to resemble the vintage T206 Baseball set from 100 years ago, they feature mostly portrait photos with pastel backgrounds. They also came in mini-versions that are the same size as the original vintage cards from the turn of the century. Notice that all of the base cards have the players without a cap. Below are all of the Dodger base cards in the set.

14 Rafael Furcal
25 Jackie Robinson

40 Hiroki Kuroda

89 Matt Kemp

There are also a group of 50 different short print variations in the full set that show a player wearing a cap. The only Dodger represented is Matt Kemp. See it below.

Short Print Cap Variation

92 Andre Ethier

174 Clayton Kershaw

227 Chad Billingsley

241 Manny Ramirez

244 Russell Martin

265 James Loney

Subway Baseball Designs by Little Leaguers: Orel Hershiser

I'm sorry I didn't run into this auction before it ended. For the second year in a row Subway teamed up with Little League Baseball and Softball for a charity auction on eBay. They had numerous stars and athletes sign a Baseball. Then, they had some little leaguers draw a piece of art around it. All proceeds benefited the Little League Urban Initiative. Below is the ball signed by Orel Hershiser.