Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Birthday, America!

Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July.

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2012 Cooperstown Baseball Honors Hall's Vets

There are few days better than the 4th of July to unveil a veterans themed insert set.  Panini just released preview photographs of a 10 card chase set that will be inserted into 2012 Cooperstown Baseball that honors members of the Hall of Fame who are veterans.  Check out pics of the entire set here.   

Featured above and below is the Jackie Robinson card.

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 4th of July!!

Upper Deck's newest set called 2012 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition is out and it is a little underwhelming.  The lack of player photos is a big negative when it comes to design, but the autograph selection isn't that bad.  For the price ($250-$300/box for 9 auto cards) I think it loses.  Ryan Cracknell at Cardboard Connection shares his thoughts on the set.  He writes an excellent editorial that hammers the product.  Above is a Maury Will autographed card that is currently up on eBay.  Below is a dual-signature card of Chad Billingsley and Ethan Martin, and a tri-signature card featuring Sandy Koufax, Whitey Ford and Steve Carlton.
The good news is that, though a significant number of readers remain wary of Dodgers games, the vast majority believe the cause is far from lost. A family section was the most popular suggestion. Other ideas ranged from kids' meals to reading club sections to ... umm ... walking wieners (we'll get to that in a minute).
"It's very frustrating," Coffey said. "I feel like I was right in my groove. But I can't change it. I have to spend my energy focused on getting back."

Coffey said he hopes he can return in July or August of 2013. He has had Tommy John surgery once before, and knows the recovery and rehabilitation process well.

"I had a Tommy John 12 years ago. That's a pretty good run," Coffey joked. "I'll be happy if I get another 12 years with this one."
 Shawn Tolleson has been called up in his place.
  • BTW, on the 4th of July the Dodgers will wear the caps on the left in commemoration.  MLB Properties and will donate all of their net proceeds from the sale of these hats to  Go there to get your own.
  • Gaslamp Ball premiers the trailer for "The First Padres".
  • Check out this auction of game-worn uniforms, practice jerseys and equipment from the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals between the Kings and Devils.
  •  I received this photo a couple of weeks ago and forget to put it up.  Check out Steve Sax changing some oil as a promotion for Mobil Super in the Sacramento area.
In West Sacramento, former LA Dodger second baseman and 1982 Rookie of the Year Steve Sax went to work at the River City Car Wash and helped change one lucky fan’s oil. It was all part of the Mobil Super Go the Distance Minor League Baseball Tour.

Scorecard: Uncle Sam's Choice

On this Independence Day I share a vintage scorecard from my collection.  I am unsure as to its exact age, but I believe it is from the 40's or 50's.  This scorecard features Uncle Sam and Baseball.  There couldn't possibly be a more American combination.