Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pedro Guerrero Votes for Dusty - Rants on Twitter

Oh, boy!

The end of the Baseball season is oftentimes filled with comedy gold.  For instance, we recently witnessed the ranting of former Dodger infielder Ryan Theriot on twitter - who has a well known bias against the saber-geek squad.  Now, we get to bask at the epic screams of everyone's favorite Dominican ex-Dodger from the 1980's, Pedro Guerrero.

As you may know, Pedro has not been shy about sharing his opinions online.  He curses, he hates (on the Giants) and vocally lobbies for a future job as a Major League manager.  (Please, someone hire him!)  Guerrero also keeps tabs on the team that raised him, and this Dodger fan couldn't be more pleased about that.  Check out his twitter feed to see what I mean (here).

Yesterday, he went onto twitter to tell the world what he thinks the Dodgers should do in the clubhouse.  Pedro Guerrero believes they should hire former Dodger outfielder and well-known "killer of pitchers" Dusty Baker.

I think the collective heads of a lot of fans would explode if this happened. 

Not only that, he would vocally clash with the Dodgers' front office - considering his views on sabermetrics. 
As a fervent Dodger fan, I cannot argue against bringing home any former Dodger.  I was raised to look at the team as family, and continue to feel that way... But, as manager... No way.
"Look at the Eyes!"

Wait... Aren't all the playoff teams sabermetrically-based, to some extent?
Now this is classic Pedro.  Thank you for this.

Hat Tip: r/_Autumn_Wind on Reddit.
Photo above via @Dodgers on twitter.

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Blog Kiosk: 10/20/2015 - Dodger Links - Greinke, Kiké and some Brooklyn Superstitions

We've all seen team photos and group photos of ballplayers, but when is the last time you saw something like this?  Featured above is a 1961 LA Dodgers group photo of every manager within the their system; including the folks who are in charge of scouting and the farm system.

From L-R: Fresco Thompson (Farm System Director), Danny Ozark (OMaha, AAA), Rube Walker (Atlanta, AA), Walt Alston, Roy Smalley (Reno, C), Al Ronning (Great Falls, C), Al Campanis (Director of Scouting), Roy Hartsfield (Greenville, A), Spider Jorgenson (Artesia, D), Stan Wasiak (Salem, B), Preston Gomez (Spokane, AAA), George Scherger (Panama City, D) and Ed Serrano (Orlando, D).

The photo above is currently available through RMY Auctions, and is certainly a rarity in the hobby.  Check out the auction here.  Below are more links to check out:
At the end of the day, we simply witnessed a Cy Young candidate with impeccable command miss his spot in a crucial situation. A sublime athlete turned human right before our eyes. It's unfortunate that it happened in Game 5, but no more so than the uncovered base or the eight stranded runners were. There's no reason for regret. It's just baseball.
  • Kiké Hernandez recently visited the Staples Center to take in a Kings hockey game.  Naturally, the hockey club reached out for an interview.  Check that out here.
LAKings.com: What brought you to the game tonight and have you ever been to a Kings game before?
Hernandez: “No, this is my first game. I’m here for a few weeks until I go home and I saw that there was a Kings game. I live here, downtown, so I was like ‘Why not go to my first hockey game ever?’”

LAKings.com: Can you ice skate?
Hernandez: “I can. I’ve done it a few times. I’m not the best but I can do it.”
  • I just love this stuff.  John Thorn at Our Game shares, "Some Superstitions of the Year 1886," and it's fantastic.  There are even a couple of old Brooklyn susperstitions:
Porter, Brooklyn pitcher, had worn a red sleeveless jacket and shirt when pitching for over two years. The outfit did not match the club uniforms but he wore it anyway. When he was slated to pitch in St. Louis one day it was found that the jacket was in a laundry which was closed, it being Sunday. Porter was so affected he cried. Manager Byrne came to the rescue by getting the manager of the laundry to supply the garment in time. The overjoyed Porter won his game.

Naturally birds were an omen in Brooklyn. When a black pigeon circled around the ball park Brooklyn always won. But when it flew over in company with two white pigeons the score would be close.
  • I am glad to read that there are some good and responsible collectors out there willing to do the right thing.  Via Rich Mueller at Sports Collectors Daily, "Missing 19th Century Red Stockings Card Returned to NYPL."  There have been far too many thefts from public institutions that likely represent millions in dollars of lost cultural artifacts.

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