Monday, May 14, 2012

Blog Kiosk: 5/14/2012

Take a look at this years Dodgers souvenir cup.  There will be 4 different ones available throughout the season.  Pic via @Dodgers twitter.
  • Sons of Steve Garvey tells us of the Mother's Day surprise at Dodger Stadium.  Dodger ballplayers surprised early attendants at the gate.

(Pic link: Twitter @Dodgers)
I had served happily as a bat boy for visiting college baseball teams from Ohio State and Southern California. Although I was born in the Bronx, my first Grant Heights Little League team had been the Dodgers, and I was a big Jackie Robinson fan. So I thought wearing the Yankees uniform was blasphemous.
  • Panini provides a sneak peak of their upcoming 2012 Cooperstown Baseball card set.  Check out the Jackie Robinson card below. This set will be coming out in late July.
  • Keith Olbermann informs us that Orel Hershiser is a huge card and memorabilia collector who has consigned several items from his collection to Grey Flannel Auctions (I'll be sure to post up these items shortly), but recently had some sellers remorse and took one item back.  He was going to sell his scoreless streak Baseball.  As someone who sells parts of my collection from time to time, I can certainly relate.
  • Matt Kemp is to have an MRI done today, via Steve Dilbeck at the LA Times.
  • If you don't already know, the Kings took Game 1 in the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Coyotes.  Watch the game highlights below.
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2012 Bowman Baseball- Dodgers Inserts

 Following up on my post from last week, here are some of the Dodgers insert cards that can be found in the 2012 Bowman Baseball set.

 Bowman Best Baseball Inserts

 BB19 Matt Kemp

 BB20 Clayton Kershaw

Here the two Dodger autographed prospects cards within the set.  I am not aware of any other Dodgers being available (with exception of a Ethier Bowman "Buy-Back" autographed card that will feature him in a A's uniform).

 Chrome Prospect Autograph Cards

BCP104 Joc Pederson - 11th Rd 2010 Dodgers

Bowman Prospects Autograph Cards

BPA-AW Allen Webster - 18th Rd. 2008 Dodgers

eBay Win: A Billingley Sweet Spot

Here's a card I recently picked up off of eBay, and I'm mighty happy with it.  It is a Sweet Spot signature card on a bat barrel featuring Chad Billingsley.  Sweet Spot signature cards on either a piece of leather or bat barrel remains my favorite autograph insert gimmick.  Heck, it's really a brilliant gimmick.  After all, would you rather have a signature on a little cardboard photo, or on a card with an embedded piece of a Baseball or bat?  To me it's an easy call.  Cut up the bat into several pieces and have a Dodger sign it for me.