Monday, January 25, 2016

2015 Topps Vault Originals - The Dodger Cards

On a fairly slow news day I thought I would pass along some photos of most of the 5" x 7" autographed Dodgers cards found in packs of an Topps online exclusive set called "Vault Originals."  Back in October I mentioned that these were available, and included a checklist of four Dodger players.  Unfortunately, I had initially erred in my original post.  There are cards of Valenzuela, Piazza and Pederson, but not of Eddie Murray.  Instead, according to a Topps checklist the fourth Dodger player is of Frank Robinson.

Which it too cool.  As you may know, the Hall of Famer and current American League President wore Dodger Blue only during the 1972 season; therefore, there are very few cards available on the marketplace showing him in our uniform.  So seeing him on the checklist is a welcome surprise.  Unfortunately, I have not yet seen the card.  As soon as I do I will update this post.

BTW, these packs were first available at $99.99 each, but have now been discounted to $40.00 a piece.  In each pack you get one on-card autograph. 

#VO-FR Frank Robinson

#VO-FV Fernando Valenzuela

Blog Kiosk: 1/25/2016 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

Bring back the collar!

As pointed out by Super 70's Sports on twitter, former Dodger catcher Johnny Oates looks fantastic with that giant disco-styled collared Dodger jersey in the photo above.  I wonder if it was issued like that, or if he was so bold as to accessorize on his own.  Either way, I think it'd be a gas if a Dodger came out with an alternate jersey sported something like this.  BTW, from left to right starting with the top row is Johnny Oates, Steve Yeager, Mike Scioscia and Joe Ferguson.

Below are more links to check out:
  • Via Anthony Irwin at Dodgers Nation, "Kershaw Attends Youth Field Dedication."
  • A part of me really misses Juan Uribe and Hanley Ramirez; especially after reading this story.  Tim Rohan at the NY Times, "Where the Stars Get Their Rides," writes about the extravagant car taste of some of Baseball's biggest stars.
“They did it literally to mess with each other,” Vega said.

Uribe tried ending it by buying a Mercedes limousine van, the one that cost $175,000. He posted an Instagram video of himself sitting in one of the reclining chairs, a cigar in his hand, broadcasting a message for Ramirez in Spanish. The gist of it was simply: top this.

And, Vega added, “Hanley came right away and bought a van.”
The son of former big leaguer Clay Bellinger switched from a line-drive approach and emphasized power last year, resulting in 30 homers and California League-leading totals of 97 runs and 103 RBIs. Bellinger's lanky frame still has room to add a lot of strength, and he's the best athlete and defender on this list.
The last of his seven children was getting married in Las Vegas last weekend. But when Del Mazzio and his wife returned to their Anaheim Hills residence on Monday night, a terrible surprise awaited. Thieves had broken into their 10-room house and looted it, taking cash, credit cards, jewelry, a heavy safe, and a significant amount of graded sports cards and collectibles.
  • I really enjoyed this.  Via Tom Shieber at the Baseball Researcher, "Identifying Baseball Cards in a Pair of Non-Baseball Photographs."  It started with an photograph that's over 100-years old.

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