Friday, January 28, 2011

Auto Collection: Snider Fall Classic

I can never get enough of Duke Snider signed cards. Here is my 2003 Fleer Fall Classic "All American Collection" autographed card of "The Duke." It is numbered 91 out of 100. No Dodger collection is complete without one signed Snider item. Fortunately, he has been a very active signer over the years so his John Hancock shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.

eBay: Dedicate This

I've been waiting forever to post up this photo from a closed eBay auction. Why? I dunno. I guess I was thinking that I would do some research to figure out the event. Unfortunately, there is no date associated with the pic, but it does have all of the hallmarks of a original Sporting News photo.

It features owner Walter O'Malley, Dodger manager Walter Alston and Hoboken, New Jersey Mayor John J. Grogan at a dedication ceremony. It seems likely it is from the opening of a park for little league teams or the opening of the little league season. The nicest part is the championship banner. I'm sure Brooklyn fans were happy to see it wherever they went.