Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Dodger Parade at a Giants Spring Training Game?

I had never heard of this. In the video below you can see a parade of Dodger fans making their presence known at the home of the Giants during Spring Training at Scottsdale Stadium. Apparently, this has been an annual event for quite some time. I guess the rivalry starts during the Spring. Does anybody know anything about this?

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eBay: Cook's Steak House Honors the Dodgers

So what could possibly be better than the Dodgers and a World Series in 1959 against the White Sox? Well, steak, of course.

Below is a unique Dodger related collectible found on eBay from Cook's Steak House on Oive Street in Los Angeles. I've never heard of the place, it no longer exist, but it's great that a local eating establishment once billed as LA's oldest downtown steak house would make this temporary menu to honor the Dodgers League Championship and upcoming World Series against Bill Veeck's south siders. It is shaped as a baseball and features facsimile signatures of the entire team. I'm sure not many of these have lasted the test of time.
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Martin Hurting

This is not good news. Russell Martin, who has added about 25 lbs. of bulk over the winter, will miss todays' Spring Training game due to pain in his hip or groin area. He has taken a MRI with results pending. This all came about after he caught 5 innings in yesterday afternoon game. Hopefully, this is not a long term issue this season. You can't catch with pain in that area of the body.

Read Gurnick's story for more.

Legendary Auctions: A Jackie Bond Bread

Below is from Legendary Auctions recently closed auction. It is one of ten cards from the 1947 Jackie Robinson Bond Bread set. Why I point it out is not becuase of the front of the card, though, it is a great photo.
I show this card off because of the reverse. Below is some classic marketing.
"My favorite at 'home plate' is that good Bond Bread. It taste grand and packs lots of energy."

Then the chef says, "Jackie's right, folks! Switch to todays Bond Bread. It's made with more of everything honestly good."
That's right. Jackie is right!
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McCourt is Pimp'n

I only post this because it made me laugh.

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