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A Victorian Trade Card Set - 1878 Forbes Co. Series of 6 Base Ball Comic Cards

It recently occurred to me that I hadn't posted anything about one of my favorite collecting subjects in almost a year.

Other than Dodgers memorabilia, I am a passionate collector of 19th Century Base Ball themed Victorian Trade Cards.  Go here to see my previous post on this collecting genre, and here for a little history about what these cards are.

The below cards are commonly known by the American Card Catalog (ACC) number #H804-6 and are called the Forbes Co. Series.  A complete set consist of 6 cards, measure 3" x 4 11/16", and are blank backed.  Also, at the very bottom are the printed notations "Forbes Co. Boston" and "Copyright 1878".

As you can see, a clothing company is the advertiser on the below cards.  Typically, these cards were sold blank to a retail establishment, and they would stamp their name on the front.

I love the artwork and outlandish drawings of the Base Ball players on these cards.  You just can't help but snicker when looking at them.

In my experience, these are fairly common; as Base Ball trade cards go, and can be purchased for about $20 to $50 a piece in today's market. 

These 6 cards in this first grouping have red colored letters.  As you read further below, I make note that there are another two variations of the set available.  The previous guide on Base Ball trade cards, called the Keetz guide, does not make note of these other variations.

Before I tell you about those two other set variations, I wanted to point out a notation found on the reverse of one of the cards in my collection.  Check it out below.

It provides information about the original cost of these cards.  As you can see, they were sold by Union Card Company for $0.45 per 100 cards, or $3.75 per 1,000 cards.  Of special note is that the seller is Union Card Company of Montepelier, Vermont.

That little bit of information at the end appears to run counter to what was commonly understood about the set.  Forbes Co., a well known trade card publisher, is linked as the manufacturer of these cards since their name is indicated on the front.  The card I have, on the other hand, appears to indicate that Union Card Co. also produced the cards.

So, what gives?

I wish I knew, but it does add a little bit of mystery.

As indicated previously, there are two other variations to this set.  Check them out below.

The following 6 cards all feature black lettering at the top. 

These next 6 cards feature no lettering at all.

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Some Vintage Dodgers Postcards for My Collection

I came across a good sized lot of older Dodgers postcards on eBay and decided to place a bid.  I've been wanting to put together a complete run of Dodgers postcards, but hadn't set out to really do it.  I guess I have no excuse now. 

The LA Dodgers issued postcards from 1959 to 1983.  They can range in prices and feature some of the greatest stars to ever put on the uniform.  If you are patient and willing to bargain hunt, you can complete a set from most years at very inexpensive prices.  I think the lone exception would be the older postcards; 1959 and 1960.  These two sets feature the LA Coliseum as a backdrop, and can often sell for a premium.  More modern postcards can be purchased for as little as a buck.  As you'll see, I did a bit better than that.

To my surprise, I won this auction with a total price of $9.00, delivered.  The total lot had 25 Dodgers postcards, of which 19 were unique.  Overall, I paid about $0.36 each.  What a bargain, eh?

Check out my bounty below.

I think my favorite postcard of the bunch is the one at the very top.  It shows Fernando Valenzuela at the White House. Nancy Reagan is in the foreground, and Ronald Reagan is in the background.  Strangely, this postcard (along with a Davey Lopes postcard w/o signature) does not appear to be a part of the postcards issued and sold by the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.  At least, the checklist I have doesn't list them.  It's likely, though, that they were sold at other retail establishments since they were produced by the same company that made the postcards for the Dodgers in 1983.

BTW, if you have some postcards to trade please let me know.  Maybe we can work out a trade.

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So, They Held a Media/Celebrity Skate and Pick-Up Game Last Night

I can't even express how envious I am right now at the LA Kings media corps.  Oh, why?  Oh, why couldn't I have a Kings blog?  I might've had a chance to weasel my way onto the ice (well, maybe not... but I would've tried).

Last night the NHL held a special media skate and media/celebrity pick-up game on the ice at the outdoor rink at Dodger Stadium, and there are photos all over twitter to prove it. 

BTW, word is the ice was great, and if the weather continues as is then Saturday's game should be wonderful.

Now, on to some photos from last night found on twitter. 


Check out the Dodger/LA Kings dugout.

And here's the sand volleyball court?

How about a view from the ice towards the Top Deck.

Now, some game play.

Jill Painter at the LA Daily News shared her once-in-a-lifetime experience in a story last night.  Check that out here.  Also, Jon Rosen at the LA King Insider posted up a story about the skate, as well.  See that here.  He also just posted a second story that you can check out here.

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Blog Kiosk: 1/23/2014 - Dodgers Links - Stadium Series Game, Urias and Chone Figgins

Check out the above recent pic of the rink at Dodger Stadium, photo via @FoxSportsWest on twitter.  I can't wait for Saturday's game.  I've got my ticket, and I'm ready to go.  If you are looking for a ticket, then check out this contest being held by Greg at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle to win a seat to the game.  The contest closes at noon today, so get cracking!

Also, here is a link to some information about the festivities that will be happening around the stadium, via the LA Kings website.  Gates open at 3:30 PM for the 6:30 start.  BTW, Panini America will be giving-away FREE NHL Sticker Albums and packs of 2013-14 NHL Stickers. As a bonus, Panini America has created a custom NHL Sticker sheet honoring the Stadium Series by featuring members of the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings.  WooHoo!

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