Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Sunday Dodger Video - Coast to Coast: The Dodgers of Brooklyn and Los Angeles

Instead of the normal posting of a bunch of Dodgers related videos this Sunday, I thought I would put up just one.  Earlier today, I came across a great album, if you will.  It is a collection of 16 songs put together to celebrate the history of the Dodgers.  It includes a collage of Dodger photos.

From the video description:
From Flatbush to the Chavez Ravine, the Dodgers are a team of diversity and a melting pot of fans with unwavering support.

All songs and film scores written by Randy Newman.

Song List:
1) The Prologue 1915-1923 (snippet) from "The Natural"
2) Love Story, sung by Rick Nelson
3) Wait Till Next Year, sung by Rick Nelson
4) Opening Race (from "Cars") (1955 Brooklyn Dodgers)
5) Our Town, sung by James Taylor (from "Cars") (Dodgers leave Brooklyn)
6) Interlude: Dexter's Tune from "Awakenings"
7) Vine Street, sung by Van Dyke Parks from his 1968 Song Cycle LP
8) Dirt Is Different (from "Cars")
9) I Love LA (Beginning of the Los Angeles Dodgers)
10) The Big Race (from "Cars") (1959 Los Angeles Dodgers)
11) Pre-Race Pageantry (from "Cars") (Dodger Stadium opens)
12) Continuation of The Prologue 1915-1923 from "The Natural"
13) Mama Told Me Not To Come, sung by Three Dog Night (Fernando segment)
14) The End Title from "The Natural" (Spoiler Alert: Kirk Gibson HR)
15) The Piston Cup (from "Cars")
16) Encore: You've Got A Friend In Me from "Toy Story"
So, sit back to rest, relax and put your Blue on!

Video Link:

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Thank You, Dodgers!

What a season this has been.  It was like experiencing a classic movie with all the peaks and pitfalls you'd expect from a great film.  There was a wonderful cast that you could really believe in and a story arc that would put most dramas to shame.  We felt optimistic and disappointed, surprised and reborn, but most of all we couldn't take our eyes off the screen.  I was thoroughly enthralled, and I can't wait for the sequel.

I can't tell you that I wasn't disappointed in the ending.  I wished so much more for the story to end in the most positive note possible.  Still, the journey was well worth it, and I am certain this season will lead to many more wonderful moments over the coming years.

For now, I won't dwell on what could have been or how things could have gone if certain things had happened.  There's really no point in that.

Instead, I would rather bask in the moment and reflect on how the price of admission was well worth it.

Thanks you, Dodgers!  After many years of feeling like the ship had gone awry, I can rightly say that I'm proud of all of you.

As for the Cardinals and the rest of the league, "wait 'til next year!"

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