Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Vote For Kemp!

It is time to go online and vote for the most deserving of candidates. Vote for Matt Kemp!

Dodger Correspondence: Ralph Onis

While on eBay recently I came across a seller with numerous letters written by old Dodger players to a young fan. Below is one of those letters. A kid named Jim ask former Dodger catcher Ralph Onis what was his most favorite moment in Baseball and he was kind enough to respond.
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eBay Auction Link: Onis Letter

Ralph Onis only got a "cup of coffee" in the show, but it obviously was a memory worth remembering. After all, not every player can say they have a lifetime batting average of 1.000. He played one game in 1935. He writes:
May 1935. Ebbets Fied, Brooklyn, NY. My first game, relieved Al Lopez 5th inning. Went to bat against "Left" Brant (Boston Braves) 2nd pitch hit a line drive between 3rd and shortstop for a base hit.

I am hitting 1.000 in the Big Leagues.
For a man who spent so little time in the show, it seems he appreciates being remembered. He writes that Jim's letter was no inconvenience at all.

Hunt: More Dodger Goodies

After a short break, here is my second post featuring Dodger memorabilia in Hunt's upcoming auction.

Here is an unusual item I doubt you'll find in many Dodger collector homes. This is a actual cash register from the Ebbets Field, circa 1940's- 1950's. It has the original paper identification labels and inspection labels stating,
"H.Stevens (Ebbets Field) Brooklyn".

The September 22, 1947 issue of Time Magazine has one of the great cover art drawings ever done of Jackie Robinson. Below are some original drawings done for that issue by Ernest Hamlin Baker.

Below is a LeRoy Neiman serigraph titled "Dodger's Centennial" completed in 1990.

This is a very rare postcard of the 1907 Brooklyn Baseball Club. There are 12 individual player portraits attached in a accordion style fold-out. Unfortunately, the auction does not feature pics of any of them.

Since the original 1955 Championship ring belonging to Jackie Robinson remains in the hands of his family the next best thing is a salesman sample. Besides, these rings are more affordable since they feature cubic zarconia gemstone.