Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Congrats Bruins! Stanley Cup Champions!

This was a thoroughly enjoyable Stanley Cup Series. Wow! Congratulations Bruins!(Pic Link: Twit Pic @wyshynski)

2011 Topps Series 2: Dodgers Inserts

Since I didn't get any big hits in the 2011 Topps Series 2 case break I participated in I thought I would show some of them in this post taken from auctions on eBay. Below are the Topps 60 relic cards of Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella and Clayton Kershaw.
Here are the leather nameplates with Campy and Sandy Koufax, and the black leather Koufax. I've read that a lot of fans hate these cards, and I guess I can't blame them. They are manufactured cards that are not game used, and collectors tend to think they don't deserve being labeled as major box hits. I dunno. I guess since I've never held one in my hands I can't really say if I like them or not. All I do know is that I wouldn't mind a Koufax card, but I know I wouldn't pay a lot for it.

Check Out the Lunar Eclipse Now!

As you may know, there is lunar eclipse today, and the wonder of the internet is bringing it live to you right now. Yes, right now it is on YouTube live! Courtesy of Google. Check it out below.

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Blog Kiosk: 6/15/2011

The photo above is from USC Libraries and it features the Boy Scouts taking the field to help the Dodgers celebrate Flag Day on 6/14/1960.
  • Zach Hample was at Coors Field this past weekend when the Dodgers were in town and ran into Steve Lyons.
  • I didn't know this existed. Trolley Dodger shows a pic of a Jackie Robinson statue at UCLA.
  • Congratulations Roberto! Your kid is gorgeous.
  • GCRL makes some fantastic fantasy Dodger cards of Garvey, Cey, Russell and Lopes from the 1972 Topps set. On top of that, he pieces together an awesome "In Action" card back fantasy puzzle featuring Koufax, Jackie and Campy.
  • The US Forest Service is working with MLB on the broken bat issue, via (Hat Tip: Baseball Musings)
  • Gaslamp Ball introduces us to the Designated Driver Program at Petco Park. Next time you are there and don't plan on drinking, go to guest services and get a free non-alcoholic beverage coupon.
  • Check out Kenny's Drew Doughty collection, via Upper Deck blog. Man... I miss Kings hockey. BTW, check out Kenny's website here.
  • Here are some interesting pics of DIY weapons in Libya, via The Atlantic. The ingenuity of men to create weapons is both fascinating and frightening. It's like Mad Max out there. I hate to imagine what we could create, with American creativity, if we ever found ourselves in a similar situation.
  • A cop having fun. Don't let the title of the video fool ya.

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Daily Conlon: 1 through 9

I'm gonna start a new feature at Blue Heaven and it's something I've been wanting to do for quite some time. The Charles Conlon set of cards produced by The Sporting News is my favorite set of all time. It features, exclusively, photos from the master when he use to roam the fields during the golden age of Baseball. His photographs are famous and recognizable to just about any Baseball fan. Heck, even if you've never heard of the man, you know his work.

The Conlon set consist of an incredible 1,430 card distributed as 5 separate series over a 5 year period starting in 1991. I have been fortunate to gather up the first 4 series of cards (numbered to 1,320), but have failed to find a reasonably priced series 5. Unfortunately, it happens to be the hardest to find. Nevertheless, I will, hopefully daily, post up each 9 card page of the set that I have for you to enjoy. That means I have an easy 147 posts coming up of just scans.

So, sit back and enjoy the first page of 9 cards. It features everybody from the greatest batter of all time, Rogers Hornsby, to one of the greatest pitchers of all time, Walter Johnson.

Auto Collection: Maury Wills

Man-O-Live, my scanner sucks. Here is my 2004 Topps Chrome uncirculated autographed card of Maury Wills.