Thursday, September 10, 2015

Win Field Level Dodger Tickets from Philippe's!


Whenever I hear the name Philippe's my mind immediately wonders.  I imagine myself holding a lamb French single-dip sandwich with Swiss cheese and some "jus" on the side.  Dab on a little bit of their signature mustard and I'd be heaven. 

For those of you who frequent this Los Angeles landmark, please buy something for me to eat.  And while you're at it, check out a contest they are currently holding that could win you two tickets to a Dodger game on the field level.  Go here for information.

All you have to do is share your favorite Philippe’s photo on social media via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook by Thursday, September 17th. 
If submitting on Instagram or Twitter use #PhilippesPhotoContest in the caption, and tag @philippetheog. Facebook submissions can be made directly to our wall at with #PhilippesPhotoContest in the caption.
BTW, they will be picking two winners, so there are a couple of pairs available.  The Dodger game will be against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday, September 20th, and that happens to be Clayton Kersher Cy Young pin night.  Again, go here for the contest rules.

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Joc Pederson on Boxes of 2015 Bowman Chrome

I'm not quite done writing about Topps newest release - 2015 Bowman Chrome Baseball.

I had failed to previously mention that Dodger rookie Joc Pederson is on every box of cards.  As you know, the Bowman brand is geared primarily towards prospects and up-'n-coming ballplayers, so it's no surprise they would reach out to the All-Star Game Home Run Derby runner-up to promote the product.

Unfortunately, his early promise failed to materialize into a consistent season worthy of "Rookie of the Year" consideration.  Still, he was clearly one of the best rookies half way through the season.

Next year I wouldn't be surprised if Corey Seager received the same treatment from Topps.

Check out pics of both the normal wax box (above) and the jumbo box (below) featuring Joc Pederson. Go here to check out all of my previous post on this set.

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Blog Kiosk: 9/10/2015 - Dodger Links - Seager, Kershaw and an Previously Unreleased Koufax Interview

Apparently, Clayton Kershaw isn't adept at every part of the game.  Sure, he's got some Cy Young's and an MVP, but can he hit a wiffle ball?  The answer to that question is no.  Via Davis Alder at
"My Wiffle ball game's pretty bad, apparently," Kershaw said. "My offensive game is bad. Albert can hit anything, apparently, even a Wiffle ball."
Yesterday afternoon Albert Pujols and Clayton Kershaw captained a team of super-fans for a charity wiffle ball game at Anaheim Stadium.  It was all in benefit of the Pujols Family Foundation and Kershaw's Challenge, and I'm sure a ton of money was raised.  Based on the photos that appeared online it looks like everyone had a bunch of fun.  Fortunately for them the rains didn't come until after they played. 
"It's great to hit homers and win World Series, but at the end of the day, it's about making a difference off the field," Pujols said. "That's how we want to be remembered."
"Just an awesome opportunity," Kershaw said. "It's really cool to see everyone come out and want to participate in this. Just being able to partner with Albert, and our foundations. What his foundation is doing, it's really cool for our foundation to be a part of as well."
You can watch Kershaw's terrible swing below, via @Angels on twitter:
Photo above of Pujols pitching to Kershaw via @MLB on twitter.  BTW, the Dodgers "Magic Number" is now at 15 in spite of their loss to the Angels last night - the Giants got beat by Arizona.  Below are more links to check out:
"He's been good," manager Don Mattingly said, trying not to pump the hype machine. "He doesn't seem overwhelmed in any way. He's comfortable in either place [shortstop or third]. He's glad we played him some third base in Triple-A; he got accustomed to it.

"He's pretty solid, pretty calm. We saw that in the spring. He hasn't been through a bad spell [offensively], but he'll have trials and tribulations like everyone else. The feeling I get is that he'll handle it well."
  • Baseball America has named Corey Seager onto their 2015 Minor League All-Star team, here.  Pitcher Jose DeLeon was named to the Second Team All-Stars.
  • Via Steve Bourbon at, "Latos' scratch has ripple effect on LA rotation."
Alex Wood starts on Friday with an extra day of rest, Mike Bolsinger slides into the rotation Saturday with three extra days of rest, followed by Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw. Brett Anderson will start on Tuesday, nine days after he was pulled with a cramping left calf.

"I don't think Brett really wanted it, but for us it made the most sense," Mattingly said. "Going into the year, we were worried about the number of starts, the number of innings. With this opportunity, and the fact that the calf shows up at all, it gives him a few extra days. It allows up to set up the lefties against Colorado."
  • Eric Stephens at True Blue LA provides an update on the opening playoff games for a couple of Dodger Minor League clubs: "Great Lakes drops Game 1, Oklahoma City stopped short."
  • If you can stand him then watch Bill Plaschke mouth off about the lack of the Dodgers on television: "Bill Plaschke's Wakeup Call: No free Dodgers on TV this year?"  He mentions that there will be no Dodger games on KDOC for the last homestand like last year.  Bill Shaikin and Dylan Hernandez at the LA Times has more: "No plans to air Dodgers games on KDOC for playoff run this year: Time Warner."
  • Via Craig Edwards at FanGraphs, "Dodgers’ $300 Million Payroll Not That Crazy."
  • This is a treat.  Grantland shares a previously unreleased video of Sandy Koufax talking about his Perfect Game.  It was filmed at his locker after the game.

Video Link:

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