Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Vin!

I can't believe I had forgotten all about this special day. Eighty-four years ago a red headed kid named Vincent was born in the Bronx to a silk salesman and homemaker. As a youth, he would dream of being a sports broadcaster. First, he started calling Baseball, football and basketball games at Fordham University, then go on to have a successful career in the field as the Dodgers regular radio/television man for over 60 years. Today, at such a ripe age, he continues to entertain Los Angelenos with the style and wit that is unrivaled in any other market in the country. We are lucky to have him. Happy Birthday Vin!

For something really special, check out Tom Haffarth's post featuring a 1944 High School yearbook with a dapper senior named Vin Scully inside, here.

UPDATE: Check out this great interview between Scully and Koufax after clinching the 1965 World Series.

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Blog Kiosk: 11/29/2011

Here is another cool looking 2011 Topps Triple Threads card I ran into on eBay. It's a booklet bat relic/autographed card of Duke Snider. Numbered 1 of 3, it sold for a lofty $172.50 recently. (Auction Link)
  • Here's a prospect report by Jared Massey at LA Dodger Report on pitcher Juan Rodriguez. He's his prospect #20.
  • Apparently, Adam "I have a upper-cut swing" Kennedy is in our sights, via MLB Trade Rumors.
  • Broxton is going from Dodger Blue to Royal Blue. He has signed a 1 year contract with Kansas City, via 6-4-2.
  • Roberto shows off a recent purchase, a 1964 Topps Giants card of Tommy Davis, at Vin Scully is My Homeboy.
  • Check out Gary's newest creation at the Infinite Baseball Card Set. He is producing and selling a limited 15 card set featuring Negro League legend and Hall of Famer Pete Hill.
    Joining forces with famed Negro League researcher Gary Ashwill and Pete Hill's great nephew, Major Ron Hill I am proud to bring to you a beautiful 15 card tribute to one of the greatest black ballplayers of all time - PETE HILL.
  • Tom at Baseball by the Letters has some fantastic advice for autographs through the mail seekers.
  • A topless basketball league? Bring it on! Via Courier Mail.com.
    Rick's Cabaret group's league, consisting of dancers from their 23 clubs, has reportedly said a former NBA star will be announced next week as coach of the New York team, which will unveil its uniforms - we're suspecting some of the most minute ever seen on a court -next week as well....

    "The girls are really excited. We're practically busting out of our tops. We plan to give him a really warm welcome on Tuesday."

    "I hear he's going to have us do a workout on Tuesday in front of the press," said Sky, the point guard for the team.

    "I can't wait to show off some of my moves."

    UPDATE: BTW, Spud Webb was just announced as a coach for one of the teams. Press release is here.

    “He's a hero to people of all sizes and he shows that anyone can accomplish anything,” said Gianna, a point guard on the New York team. “Of course we are happy the NBA is coming back in December--they are some of our best customers. We’ll play ‘til the NBA season starts because our fans and customers want it.”
    Oh Boy!

  • Just another reason why I want to go to space. A Japanese astronaut plays Baseball in the space station.

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Collection: Billy Ashley

This is a really ugly card. I mean, really ugly. This is a 1995 Signature Rookies 'Future Dynasty' autographed card of Billy Ashley from my collection.
UPDATE: I also wanted to add that the Dodgers uniform pictured here are hilarious. Obviously, Signature Rookies did not have a Baseball license, so they couldn't use actual team logos. Instead of air-brushing them out to make the uniforms blank they chose to make their own version of a Dodgers uniform- complete with a new fangled cap design. This new design has a kind of unsettling feel to it, doesn't it?
Ashley didn't pan out in the Majors, but he sure did show some promise in the minors. He was a slugger who belted 63 homers in Albuquerque from 1993 to 1994. Unfortunately, he could not translate that success to the show. His inability to hit for average and poor fielding was his demise. On another note, he is apparently trying to make his way through Hollywood. Wikipedia tells me he is (or was, i just don't know) on a reality television show called 'Househusbands of Hollywood.' Is that show still on?

eBay: A Complete 1959 WS Pin

Here is a great vintage pin originally sold at LA Coliseum concession stands during the 1959 World Series found on eBay. It's not often that you run into a pin like this with both the ribbon and plastic Baseball still attached. Typically, the ribbon would get frayed and removed as the perils of time erode the pin. As I finish off this post it is already up to $71.00, and I suspect it will approach $100.00 before it closes Tuesday morning.

Lelands: Some Dodger Goodies

The current Lelands Fall Auction is very impressive. It not only includes a bunch of great vintage Baseball memorabilia items, but also has some great Dodgers stuff. I've highlighted some of them below, but it is far from everything Dodger related. In fact, their auction includes another installment of Dodger paraphernalia from the collection of Sal LaRocca. Sal's collection is absolutely incredible. The below Dodger items are not a part of Sal's collection, but don't worry I'm not neglecting them. I will follow up this post with additional stories of those items over the next several days. For now, salivate over these three pieces.

Satin! Satin! Satin! This is a 1945 Brooklyn Dodger satin jersey once worn by Art Herring.

I'm not familiar with this pin at all. It is a advertising celluloid pin featuring Sandy Koufax for a company called American Male. I believe that are an apparel manufacturer. It measures 3" in diameter.

This item is a real treat. Here is a 1956 Tour of Japan kimono robe once belonging to Gil Hodges. It was presented to him and other players during their goodwill tour one year after their first World Championship. This is definitely museum worthy.