Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baseball Excitement is Escalating

We are two weeks away from the official launch date of this coming seasons flagship Baseball card set. Topps 2012 cards will go on sale on February 1st, and fans and collectors alike are counting down the days. Heck, even if you could care less you gotta look at this date as the ushering in of the new Baseball season. After all, Baseball isn't the same without Baseball cards.

With that in mind, it's not surprising that collectors slightly gasped in delight at the mention that some eBay sellers have 2012 Topps 'Gold Rush' cards for sale. See an auction, here. Photo of the cards are above.

Are these fakes? Did somebody get a little too eager and open up some boxes 2 weeks too early? These look nothing like the mock-ups for the 'Gold Rush' cards. Maybe they are redemptions? No, that doesn't make sense.

Well, a facebook page devoted to Topps cards has the story.
We now know what the Gold Rush cards are that have a gold foil in the upper lefthand corner are. These cards which seem to parallel the base set, were mailed to dealers to help promote 2012 Topps. One dealer said he received 30 cards from Topps. Not sure if all 330 cards are paralleled or if Topps sent out the same 30 cards to all dealers at this time.
Now we know, and collectors the nation over will have to just be patient.

And Then There Was One

The Dodgers have had a very busy Tuesday. With arbitration meetings around the corner, the Dodger decide to lesson their load by negotiating a one year contract with Andre Ethier. News of a deal was release this morning on CAA (Ethier's agents) on twitter.

That's not a bad signing; especially considering Jon's thoughs at Dodger Thoughts.
Based on the history of raises for arbitration-eligible players of his caliber, I had projected in September that Ethier (who made $9.25 million last year) could pull $13 million in salary for 2012. On this, I wasn't alone: Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. reached the same conclusion, while Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness was close behind at $12 million. By my estimation, $10.95 million (plus $25,000 for reaching 600 plate appearances and again for 625 plate appearances, according to ESPNLosAngeles.com's Tony Jackson) is roughly the minimum Ethier would have gotten in salary arbitration – the figure he would have ended up with had he lost.
I could speculate all day why Andre gave the Dodgers a hometown discount. Though, it's probably best not dwell on it. I'm just thankful that this is a drama I will not have to read about.

Then, just a moment ago, CAA announces another Dodger signing. James Loney and the Dodgers have agreed on a new contract for 2012.

With both Ethier and Loney now signed up for the season that leaves only one more player left in arbitration. Clayton Kershaw is the last player left and I suspect he'll be getting a big raise.

Ely Can't Draw

What the heck is that? Do you see what I'm looking at here? That drawing is horrendous. The guy been on the team, off and on, for two years. John Ely, you need some lessons because an artist you are not. Go and watch some Bob Ross. He has a strange ability to inspire those creative juices, and you need the help.

Here is a 2011 Topps Update Player Sketch card I stumbled upon on eBay. It was given to John Ely to draw anything he wanted. Instead of stick figures on a ballfield (I'm shooting low here for the artistically challenged), or a grouping of Baseball equipment, he draws a poor rendition of the Dodger logo. It is a 1 of 1, although I'm sure we never want to see another from him.
(Auction Link)