Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Auto Collection: Steve Garvey Century Notations

Just to prove how obsessive I can get with cards, especially these autographed gems, here are two different 2003 Donruss Legends of the Summer Century Notations cards of Steve Garvey. Notice that they are similar cards with exception of a special notation below Garvey's auto. On the card above, Garvey's uniform number is written in black ink while the below card has "78 AS-MVP" written on it.
Here is what the back of the cards look like.

Dodger Gypsy Queen Mini's

In the group case break I participated in I only got a handful of mini cards, and unfortunately, none of them were really of note. The mini cards are the same size as 19th century tobacco cards and use the exact same pics as the normal sized base cards from the set- with some exceptions. The first 100 cards to the set have short printed versions available, so I decided to search online for the Dodger short prints. Check them out below as I put them side by side their base versions.