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2013 Topps Triple Threads - The Dodgers Relic Inserts

Here is my final post featuring Dodgers cards within Topps 2013 Triple Threads set.  Go here to see all of my previous post from this set.  This time, I show the Dodger relic cards.  Check them out below.

Triple Threads Legends Relics

#TTRL-JR Jackie Robinson

Triple Threads Relics

Andre Ethier
#TTR-AE1                                       #TTR-AE2


Adrian Gonzalez
#TTR-AG1                               #TTR-AG2


Carl Crawford
#TTR-CC1                                   #TTR-CC2


Matt Kemp
#TTR-MK1                                 #TTR-MK2


Zack Greinke
#TTR-ZG1                                      #TTR-ZG2


Triple Threads Relic Combos

#TTRC-HGA1 Alonso, Howard & Adrian Gonzalez

#TTRC-KGG Kershaw, Greinke & Gonzalez

#TTRC-KKG Kershaw, Kemp & Gonzalez

#TTRC-KSH Kershaw, Harvey & Strasburg

#TTRC-SKL Sale, Kershaw & Lee

#TTRC-VGG Goldschmidt, Votto & Gonzalez

Triple Threads Relic Double Combos

#TTRDC-6 Jackson, Griffey Jr., Kemp, Jackson, Harper & McCutchen

Clayton Kershaw is featured with several different Triple Threads All-Star cards.  Most of which are "1 of 1's".  The Laundry Tag All-Star card has yet to be found (#ASLT-CKE).  A checklist I've seen indicates that Matt Kemp also has some cards, but I have to see any.  Considering he was not a member of the 2013 All-Star team, I wouldn't be surprised if those cards do not exist.  In other words, I think the checklist I've seen is inaccurate.

Triple Threads All-Star Patches

#ASP-CKE Clayton Kershaw

Triple Threads All-Star Jumbo Sleeve Patches

#AJSP-CKE Clayton Kershaw

Triple Threads All-Star Jumbo Sleeve Team Patches

#JSTP-CKE Clayton Kershaw

Triple Threads All-Star MLB Logo Patches

#AMLP-CKE Clayton Kershaw

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Dodgers Outfielder Nick Chili Buss Makes Topps 2013 AAA All-Star Team

With the winter season upon us all we can do is speculate about future deals, and count the awards that will be coming the Dodgers way.  

Fortunately, after years of practice I've become practically immune to the inane rumblings of the chattering class.  So, unsubstantiated rumors and potential trades hardly cause the heartburn it did when I was a younger lad - with exception of the recent Price rumors that had me quivering from the stupidity.  

As for year-end awards, all I can do is wait for their announcements.  We got shut out on the Gold Glove front, but that's small potatoes compared to whats coming down the pike.  (Cy Young, anyone)  From here on, we are likely to see a progressive number of awards and accolades that could make a grown man blush.

This morning we find out that Dodgers AAA outfielder Nick Buss, who was called up late this season for the first time in his career, was named to the MiLB and Topps 2013 AAA All-Star Team.  Per a report at MiLB.
Nick Buss (27) of Southfield, Mich., finished the season as the Pacific Coast League's leader in RBIs (100). He also finished in the top 10 in hits (139), runs (84), slugging percentage (.525) and OPS (.888). The Albuquerque Isotopes outfielder also hit 11 triples, good for second in the PCL. The Los Angeles Dodgers selected Buss in the eighth round of the 2008 Draft.
Congrats, Nick... Or is Chili more appropriate?

Nick is more affectionately known as Chili.  Not because it's a nickname, but because it's his actual real name.  Really, his middle name is Chili, and he was named after ballplayer Chili Davis.

Below are his professional stats, via Baseball Reference.  He recorded his first MLB hit in his 2nd at-bat on Saturday, September 14th in a game against the Giants.  It was a single through the hole between 1st and 2nd base against Tim Lincecum.

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Sharefest Honored Clayton and Ellen Kershaw on Saturday - Watch a Video

Sharefest celebrated their 10th Anniversary this past weekend with a gala event that featured Clayton and Ellen Kershaw as Honorary Chairs.  This group is a community driven organization that focuses on mentoring, volunteerism and establishing relationships with community leaders.
With a vision to create an imprint of lasting positive change in our community, Sharefest began as a simple idea to leverage a community’s assets through the creation of working coalitions, growing local leaders, equipping interested youth and fostering volunteerism utilizing established community organizations. Rather than just coming in from the outside and encourage a community to be a consumer of services, Sharefest collaborates with communities to help themselves, developing ownership.
Thankfully a reader (Thanks, Cathy!) was able to pass along some photos and video that you can see below.

Saturday's dinner exceeded their fundraising goal of $250,000.00 by $5,000.00.  So, in addition to being a great time, they also gained some needed funds to continue their mission.  BTW, Kershaw's Challenge chose Sharefest as one of the charities that they support.  In fact they
Set a goal to expand Sharefest’s Youth Development Academy (YDA) to another continuation high school.
Clayton and Ellen Kershaw visited a Sharefest YDA at Cal State Dominguez Hills earlier this year in order to provide kids with Baseball and life advice.  Watch a video of that event here.

Below are some photos from Saturday's dinner.  Go to the Sharefest website to learn about this great organization.

Here is Steve Lyons with Michael Haupt.  I don't care what anyone says, I like Steve Lyons.

Below is Ellen Kershaw (on the right) with a young lady who sang at the dinner.  Unfortunately, I do not have her name.

Clayton Kershaw works the crowd below.

Watch Clayton and Ellen Kershaw speak to the gathered crowd at the Sharefest Dinner this past Saturday, below.

Video Link:

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Blog Kiosk: 11/5/2013 - Dodgers Links - Garvey & Tommy John on HOF Ballot, Goodbye Elian and Kershaw Chosen as Best NL Pitcher by Peers

The photo above is a great 1953 vintage press photo issued by International News Photos showing some Brooklyn Dodgers diving for cover during a Spring Training game at Vero Beach.  Pic found via eBay.  George Shuba, Ben Wade and coach Jake Pitler cover up.  Is that Roy Campanella in his catcher gear?
  • Former Dodgers Tommy John, Joe Torre and Steve Garvey make the list of 12 finalist comprising the 2014 Expansion Era ballot for the Hall of Fame consideration.  The Hall of Fame story can be seen here. Marvin Miller is also on the ballot.  Hopefully, he finally gets in.
  • Dodger infielder Elian Herrera has been claimed by the Brewers, via @Dodgers on twitter.  There are now 32 players on the Dodgers 40-man roster.

  • Via Chris Olds at Beckett, "Topps Ultimate Chase Ticket lets father and son enjoy Los Angeles Dodgers’ postseason run".
Thanks to the Topps Ultimate Chase Ticket, Alan Tavelman and his 14-year-old son, Zach, got tickets to every postseason game for their selected team, the Dodgers, after they found one of 10 tickets inside a box of 2013 Topps. The ticket was good for a signed bat — and then a spot in a drawing to win a postseason pass for a team of their choice, which they won.

“At first my son and I were not sure what it was,” said Alan, 53, of Porter Ranch, Calif. “Then we actually read the ticket and we were very excited and could not believe that we actually had one.”
  • Via Eric Stephen at True Blue LA, "2013 MLB free agents: No Dodgers receive qualifying offers". Eric does a great job of explaining what this all means.
  • True to the Blue shares a couple of great auction wins; including a Dodger pennant flag that once flew at Wrigley Field.  I love this flag!
  • Via Tony Jackson at Dodger Scribe, "Clayton Kershaw named National League Outstanding Pitcher" by the Players' Choice awards.
  • This is for Walking Dead fans.  Comic Book Movie.com shares the back story on Michonne; which was originally printed this month in Playboy.

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