Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 Heritage: Ruth as a Dodger!

Finally! A Baseball card set with Babe Ruth sporting some Dodger Blue. Of course, this isn't the first time a card like this was created, but it did take almost 50 years for them to do it again. Unfortunately, the above 2011 Heritage Ruth card is a reprint of a card that appeared in the original 1962 Topps set, so it really isn't a new card. I had hoped that if they made another Ruth as a Dodger card that they would use a better photo. I've seen plenty over the years that would look great on cardboard.

I'll also take some time to note that nearly 5 years ago I had won a Venezuelan version of the card on eBay- go and check it out here.

OOOOHHHH!... Koufax Auto's Are Showing up!

The first small group of Sandy Koufax autographed Heritage cards are showing up on eBay, and they are already at some high prices. If you ask me, this card is the "hit" of the set. So far, there are two auctions running (here & here) at $338.00 and $270.00, respectively.

With the short printed Jackie Robinson's and other Dodger cards I will be showcasing soon, I am quickly falling in love with this set.