Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 7/22/2012

"I lost at pool to Dee, the guy with the broken hand, so I wasn't really proud of myself, but all in all it was definitely a great experience," Hairston said.

"Just breaking barriers, me and my green cast," Gordon said.

"It probably helped you," Hairston retorted.

"It would have been way worse. I would have beat him bad."
The above pic is via twitter @KyleOKC.
  • Aaron at Inside Dodger Baseball was at CitiField for the game against the Mets on Saturday.  Check out his post with plenty of pics to go through.
  • Check out what you get for a Star Trek ticket pack on August 3rd, pic via twitter @Dodgers.
  • The Mets recently honored Mike Sandlock- the oldest living Dodger on Saturday afternoon, via Nick Diunte of Examiner.comCut4 has a great pic of the event.
  • Here is Zach Hample's report from this past Tuesday at Dodger Stadium.  He has a bunch of pics and videos. 
  • Via MLB Trade Rumors, former Dodger hurler Edwin Jackson has fired Scott Boras.  Yeah!!!!
  • All Tribe Baseball shows off some cards and shares some pics from little known Baseball Museum called the BRS Museum- Bottomley Ruffing Schalk Museum in Illinois.
  • Steven at Zim's Autographs sure does get around.  He was one of 200 hundred folks to meet Chad Ochocinco and get dinner on him at a swank Beverly Hills restaurant. 
  • Mark's Ephemera tells us about a currently running trading card promotion by the National Park Service.   The set marks the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, and there are more than 500 card in the set.  Go here for a master list of the set and participating parks, and go here for pics of every card in the set.  There appears to be only 1 card featuring Baseball.  I believe it is being given out at the Fort Pulaski National Monument in Savannah, Georgia.  See it below.

Hall of Fame Afternoon

I wanted to extend my congratulations to both Barry Larkin and Ron Santo on their induction into the Hall of Fame.  If you don't already know, the Cooperstown Hall of Fame Induction ceremony is happening right now. 

I firmly recommend going to Cooperstown at least once in your life.  The place is like a Mecca for Baseball fans.  I had a opportunity to visit the Hall in 1999 on Hall of Fall weekend, and I will never forget it.  That year George Brett, Orlando Cepeda, Nolan Ryan, Robin Yount, and Negro Leaguer Smokey Joe Williams were inducted.

In keeping with the weekend, I wanted to share some videos of Dodger Hall of Famer Induction Speeches.  Unfortunately, I could only find Duke Snider's speech from 1980.  See it below.

Video Link:

Of course, I couldn't resist posting this up.  Here is Bill Murray's induction speech into the South Atlantic League Hall of Fame. It'a a gas!

Video Link: