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Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 11/2/2012 - McGwire the Dodgers New Batting Coach?

Check out Matt Kemp in the pic above working hard during the off-season to get ready for 2013, pic via twitter @FoxSportsWest.
"This was basically our home for a decade," said Cey, adding to the nostalgia by wearing a jacket with Dodgers script across the front and marking the record-breaking infield on the back. "There was plenty of celebration in this clubhouse." 
Mark McGwire, who has served as Cardinals hitting coach for three seasons under two managers, has informed the club that he intends to accept a similar position with the Los Angeles Dodgers, sources familiar with the situation told the Post-Dispatch this afternoon.

Though a deal between the Dodgers and McGwire is not considered final, McGwire has told the Cardinals that he does not anticipate accepting their offer of a contract extension.

The club last week tendered offers to all coaches except bullpen coach Dyar Miller. The staff's contracts exprired Oct. 31.

McGwire is leaning toward accepting the position with Dodgers manager Don Mattingly's staff because of geography. McGwire and his family live in Orange County and McGwire has long emphasized the role his wife and children play in career decisions.
My Kings season ticket buddy's former boss lives near McGwire's family, and was fortunate to have McGwire provide some neighborly coaching help to his college age son.  From my understanding, Mark McGwire knows what he's doing.

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2013 Dodgers Promotion Schedule is Out

The Dodgers just announced their promotional schedule (stadium give-aways) for the 2013 season, and it's a doozy.  There are 10 new bobbleheads, a Hello Kitty bobblehead, a Jackie Robinson Day statue featuring Jackie, Newcombe and Campanella, and much, much, more.

Something tells me I have way too many commas up there.

Anyway, the new ownership is going all out in their first full year.  Of note, there appears to be no plans to bring back a Dodgers Baseball card team set this season.


Go here for a complete look at the schedule on the Dodgers website.  Below are just the items that really stood out to me.  BTW, as always there will be Friday Night Fireworks and Viva Los Dodgers at Sunday home games.

4/1 - Opening Day, Magnet Schedules
4/3 - Hooded Sweatshirt *  
4/7 - Kids Matt Kemp Replica Jersey ^, Viva Los Dodgers Day, Kids Run The Bases
4/15 - Jackie Robinson, Don Newcombe & Roy Campanella Statue *, Jackie Robinson Night
4/17 - Hello Kitty Fleece Blanket
4/27 - Sports Bag *
4/28 - Kids' Batting Helmet ^, Viva Los Dodgers Day, Kids Run the Bases
4/30 - Hanley Ramirez “I See You” Bobblehead
5/7 - T-Shirt *
5/11 - Natural Balance Pet Foods Bark in the Park #1 °
5/12 - Tote Bag *, Mother's Day & Postgame Walk Around the Park
5/14 - Matt Kemp Bobblehead
5/25 - Jaime Jarrín Bobblehead              
5/26 - MLB Network Drawstring Bag *, Viva Los Dodgers Day, Kids Run the Bases
5/27 - Kids' Fathead ^
5/28 - Magic Johnson T-Shirt *                           
6/4 - Cap #1 *
6/6 - Bobblehead #4
6/8 - Old Timers' Day & Item *, Old Timer's Game
6/9 - Kids' Compression Sleeve ^, Viva Los Dodgers Day, Kids Run the Bases
6/11 - Beach Chair
6/25 - Beach Towel *
6/27 - Sandy Koufax Bobblehead
6/29 - Earbuds *
6/30 - Kids' Performance Shirt ^, Viva Los Dodgers, Kids Run the Bases                  
7/11 - Adrian Gonzalez Bobblehead                               
7/25 - Vin Scully Bobblehead
7/28 - Kids' Sunglasses ^, Viva Los Dodgers, Kids Run the Bases
8/10 - Bobblehead #8              
8/11 - Kids' Back to School Backpack ^, Viva Los Dodgers Day, Kids Run the Bases
8/13 - Cap #2 *
8/27 - Rick Monday “Flag Saving” Bobblehead
8/31 - Adult Replica Jersey *
9/9 - Hello Kitty Mini Bobblehead
9/12 - Magic Johnson Bobblehead
9/14 - La Gran Fiesta – Viva Los Dodgers
9/28 - Sleeved Blanket *, Natural Balance Pet Foods Bark in the Park #2 °
9/29 - Fan Appreciation Day

Giveaways listed are for the first 50,000 fans unless otherwise noted.
^ First 15,000 ticketed kids 14 and under in attendance
*First 40,000 fans
°Special ticket required

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Collectible Classics: A Tommy John Sinkerball

Collectible Classics once again features numerous items from the Tommy John Collection in their newest auction, and there was one item in particular that stuck out to me.

Check out the below autographed Baseball.  It is signed by Tommy John and includes an actual sinker for fishing attached to it.  Written above the signature are the words, "Genuine’ Sinker Ball."

From the auction description:
The sinker was an important part of John’s pitching repertoire. In fact, he was throwing a sinkerball when he sustained the injury that resulted in the surgery that is named for him.
(Auction Link)

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A Friday Musical Interlude with Luis Cruz and Adrian Gonzalez

With yesterday being Fernando Valenzuela's 52nd birthday, it provided a great reminder of how vital Mexican-Americans have become to Southern California, Los Angeles, and the Dodgers.  Fernando was just the first athlete to make his mark on us, and there will surely be more.  In celebration of his Latino heritage a couple of new videos were released yesterday featuring a couple of new Mexican-American Dodger stars: Luis Cruz and Adrian Gonzalez

It includes game footage and some excellent tunes from Nacional Records artists La Vida Bohème and Nortec Collective.  Personally, I've never heard of the bands, but I'm also 40 years old so my desire to discover new music has diminished over time.  Still, I have to admit that these two songs had my feet tapping and my head bobbing.

Both La Vida Bohème and Nortec Collective are no strangers to the Dodgers.  They have both played at Viva Los Dodgers this past season.  As a special bonus, FREE downloads from both bands are available as a part a Nacional Records label sampler through Amazon.comGo here to download some tunes.

Now, watch the two videos below.  Here is the Luis Cruz Dodgers intro with La Vida Bohème.

Video Link:

Below is the Adrian Gonzalez Dodgers intro with Nortec Collective.  I especially liked this song.

Video Link:

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