Friday, October 26, 2018

Some Vintage Dodgers Memorabilia at REA

We are hours away from the start of Game 3 of the World Series, so why not begin the afternoon with some vintage Dodgers memorabilia. Featured here are some Dodger goodies found at REA's current Fall auction.

Directly above is a rarity. It is a 1940's era Ebbets Field employee badge. (Auction Link) To the right is a vintage ticket from the very last ballgame played at Ebbets Field, dated September 24, 1957. (Auction Link) Per the auction description:
While Brooklyn Dodgers fans were always a resilient group, forever buoyed by the familiar refrain of "wait 'til next year," nothing could have prepared them at the start of the 1957 season for what just a few short years earlier would have been the unthinkable: the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn. Yet that is just what happened when, on October 8, 1957, team owner Walter O'Malley announced he was moving the Dodgers to Los Angeles. Rumors had been swirling the entire summer about such a possibility, but most fans chose to bury their heads in the sand and ignore such blasphemous talk. Perhaps that's the only way to explain why, on September 24, 1957, only 6,702 fans attended Brooklyn's final home game of the season at Ebbets Field. It is also possible that some fans just could not bear to say goodbye to their beloved "bums" and the venerable old stadium they called home. The significance of the final out was obviously not lost on longtime organist Gladys Gooding, who serenaded the fans with the tune Auld Lang Syne as they exited the ballpark for the very last time.

Weekend Autograph Opportunity: Meet the Bulldog - Orel Hershiser!

Here are this weekends autograph opportunities and events throughout the Southland. As always, be sure to check the Blue Heaven Calendar for other events (a link can always be found on the tab at the top of this page, just left of center), and always confirm with the establishment. Everything is subject to change.  Please email me with any tips about upcoming events in Southern California.  As the rest of the week progresses I'll update this post with other events (if there are any), as I become aware of them.  Also, I don't always list every event below, so be sure to check my Calendar.  I always try to favor free signing events over paying events.  Click on any pic to embiggen.


Dodger great Orel Hershiser will be signing autographs at Dick's Sporting Goods in Torrance on Saturday, October 27th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Go here for more information. This is a free signing event, but you will probably need to get to the store early. From what I understand, they will hand out wristbands at 9:00 AM and only the first 350 are guaranteed an autograph.
Dick’s Sporting Goods
21800 Hawthorne Blvd, #301
Torrance, CA 90503

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Blog Kiosk: 10/26/2018 - Dodgers Links - Game 3 is Tonight!

Earlier this morning a twitter account dedicated to the history of the Montreal Royals put up the above fantastic 1948 editorial cartoon drawing from the Montreal Gazette (@Royals_46season), and I wanted to share it here. It celebrates the four African-American ballplayers who donned Montreal Blue in the late-40's. BTW, if you love Dodger history I would suggest giving this account a follow.

Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers HistoryIn 1950 Walter O'Malley became the ninth president and chief stockholder in the Dodgers franchise. Following the death of team owner John L. Smith (who owned one-quarter of the club) O'Malley navigated a deal where he bought Branch Rickey's share of the club and essentially became a trustee over the Smith family portion to take over majority control.
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