Monday, April 14, 2014

An Off Day Battle Betwwen Puig and Pence on MLB14 - Video Included

With today being an off day for the Dodgers, the only Baseball related action Dodger fans could enjoy was a scheduled video game match between Yasiel Puig and Hunter Pence.  MLB14 had just come out, so IGN got these two rivals to duke it out on a game console.  After all, who would be the best candidates to show the game off than a couple of big bats from one of the more intense rivalries in the game?  Below are a few screen grabs from the action.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

BTW, Puig kicked some Pence butt.  He won the game 11 12 to 1.  The best part of the show was hearing Puig scream, "Let's Go Puiggy!" 

Puig and Pence also played a couple of rounds of Home Run Derby. 

Puig took these games too.  BTW, check out the photo on the left, directly above.  You can see Puig doing some celebrating.

Fortunately, you can watch all of the action in the videos below:

Video Link:

Then they played some Home Run Derby.  Watch it below:

Video Link:

As you'll notice immediately when you start watching the Home Run Derby video above, a viewer tweeted a very Reddit-like question.  Check out the below screen grab.

The internet is such a strange place.  BTW, Hunter Pence answered that he would rather fight 100 duck sized horses.  Puig, on the other hand, looked confused.

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Stanley Cup Playoffs Begin This Week - Go Kings Go!

WooHoo!  The NHL second season is about to get underway.  My beloved Kings placed 3rd in the Pacific Division, and are slated to face-off against the San Jose Sharks.  It promises to be one of the more exciting playoff series in this first round.  Both clubs are considered to be Stanley Cup contenders, and it is well known that the fans can't stand each other.  It is an contentious rivalry, and I suspect each respective teams arenas will be loud, boisterous and in your face.

Of course, I'll be rooting for the Kings.  After all, what's not to like about them.  They have a roster built for playoff hockey.  The Kings exhibit a defense first mentality; having just won the William Jennings Trophy - given to the team with the lowest goals allowed throughout the season. The offense isn't too shabby either; especially since a trade that brought Marian Gaborik to LA.  For most of the regular season the Kings had some trouble scoring, but Gaborik's addition has really amped up the club.

I'll be sitting in my usual season-ticket seats in Section 315, and I promise to be loud.  The first game will be on Thursday in San Jose.  Our first home game will be next Tuesday.  Check out the schedule below:
Game 1, Los Angeles at San Jose: Thursday, April 17, 7:30 p.m.
Game 2, Los Angeles at San Jose: Sunday, April 20, 7:00 p.m.
Game 3, San Jose at Los Angeles: Tuesday, April 22, 7:00 p.m.
Game 4, San Jose at Los Angeles: Thursday, April 24, 7:00 p.m.
Game 5, Los Angeles at San Jose: Saturday, April 26, TBD*
Game 6, San Jose at Los Angeles: Monday, April 28, TBD*
Game 7, Los Angeles at San Jose: Wednesday, April 30, TBD*
*if necessary. All times PT.

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Dodgers Vintage Memorabilia at REA Auctions - Roy Campanella, the Dodger Scout

Here is another post on some Dodgers memorabilia found at REA's current auction.  This time, I share a couple of remarkable letters written by Roy Campanella to Robert Finch - Branch Rickey's assistant at the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Go here to take a look at my past post on this auction. 

Roy Campanella was highly regarded by the Brooklyn Dodger brass.  They were expecting big things from him at and behind the plate, and also valued his judgement on other Negro League players.  So, they enlisted his assistance in scouting for them.  Below are a couple of letters detailing his opinion of several Negro League players.

Directly below is his letter scouting Larry Doby and Joe Black, dated September 26, 1946.
Dear Mr. Finch, 
Everything is fine with me. I truly hope its the same with you. Concerning Doby, he can hit, run and throw very good. Hits with a lot of power, but needs to learn how to pull. I've seen him hit home-run in Ruppert Stadium, Newark also Shibe Park, Philadelphia. He has a nice personality, good habits and is intelligent. At present I am watching a right hand pitcher of the Elite Giants. His name is Joe Black, 22 years old, attends Morgan College in Baltimore, Md. He spent three years in service pitching for Tommy Bridges [sic] team and was the only negro on the team. He has an exceptionally good fast ball, good change, good curve ball. Very good disposition. He's very apt to catch on. I will send you a report later on this week about him. Also, I will be too [sic] you the beginning of next week. 

Respectfully yours, Roy Campanella

P. S. The home-runs Doby hit were in the left-field seats.
(auction link)
(auction link)

Here is a letter dated September 25,1946 that scouts Junior Gilliam and Joe Black!
Dear Mr. Finch, 

I saw a very good game here, between the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Elite Giants. Romby pitched for the Giants, and won 3-2. He struck out eleven men in seven innings. The boy really looked good. Concerning Black, the pitcher I mentioned in my previous letter. I have an appointment with him Friday. The young boy Gilliam, has the making of a good player. He is one of the youngest players in the league. He is very apt and has good habits. Hope all is well with you. I will be in the office Tuesday morning at ten o'clock. 

Sincerely yours, Roy Campanella.
I love how the above letter provides an update to the Joe Black discussions.  Roy mentions that he has scheduled a meeting with him.
(auction link)

(auction link)

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2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball - The Dodger Base Cards and Variations

Last week, Topps released their Gypsy Queen Baseball card brand.  Below are the Dodger base and the numerous variation cards that exist in the set.  Over the next few days I'll put up the other Dodger inserts cards that are available.

I include the normal sized card and its companion mini card.

Base Cards

#90 Juan Uribe

#105 Hanley Ramirez

#122 Adrian Gonzalez

#196 Zack Greinke

#203 Dan Haren

#243 Matt Kemp

#244 Carl Crawford

#250 Sandy Koufax

#276 Duke Snider

#289 Andre Ethier

#300 Clayton Kershaw

#314 Hyun-Jin Ryu

#350 Yasiel Puig

Three Dodger have a short-printed variation cards availble.  Check them out below.  I have included the normal card for comparison.  As you will notice, the variation cards use a reverse image on the front.

Reverse Image Base Card Variations

#250 Sandy Koufax
Normal Card                                          Variation Card

#276 Duke Snider
 Normal Card                                          Variation Card

#350 Yasiel Puig
Normal Card                                          Variation Card

Seven Dodgers have mini short-printed variation cards.  Check them all out below.

Mini Box Variations

#105 Hanley Ramirez               #122 Adrian Gonzalez

#196 Zack Greinke                 #250 Sandy Koufax

#300 Clayton Kershaw                 #314 Hyun-Jin Ryu

#350 Yasiel Puig

There are 8 different "1 of 1" Graphite Mini Dodger cards.  Below is a checklist.

Graphite Minis
  • #105 Hanley Ramirez
  • #243 Matt Kemp
  • #244 Carl Crawford
  • #250 Sandy Koufax
  • #276 Duke Snider
  • #300 Clayton Kershaw
  • #314 Hyun-Jin Ryu
  • #350 Yasiel Puig
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