Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen - Dodger Owner?

Here come the parade of crazies!

The National Inquirer, being the benchmark for news that it is, informs us that Charlie Sheen wants to buy the Dodgers.
Baseball fanatic CHARLIE SHEEN’s making frantic calls to rich pals in a heartfelt bid to forge an investment group that’ll buy the in-bankruptcy Los Angeles Dodgers – and fulfill his life-long dream of being a player in major league baseball!
Holy Moly! Could he possibly be worse than McCourt?

(Hat Tip: The Post Game)(Photo Credit: LA Dodgers)

LA Kings Night This Friday- Mike Richards at the Game Tonight

Here is a friendly reminder for any LA Kings fans out there. This coming Friday is the 2nd annual LA Kings Night at Dodger Stadium. Of special note, newly acquired King, Mike Richards, will be introduced on the field in his first appearance as a King in tonights game. Why today instead of Friday? I don't know. It really makes no sense, but whatever.

WHO: Kings forwards Jarret Stoll, Dustin Penner and Trevor Lewis will throw out a ceremonial first pitch and members of the Kings Ice Crew will also be on site. Stoll, Penner and Lewis are slated to be guests on the Dodgers Live pre-game show on PRIME TICKET.

Friday, July 29, 2011, Approximately 7:00 p.m.

Dodger Stadium

Tickets for LA Kings Night at Dodger Stadium are $35 for Preferred Field Box seats and $25 for Infield Reserve and Preferred Loge Box seats. Each ticket purchased comes with a voucher for a limited edition Kings-themed Dodger hat (seen above). Tickets are available at www.dodgers.com/kings

Daily Conlon: 190 through 198

Here is today's Daily Conlon cards numbered #190 to #198. One of the notable players here is "Wee Willie" Bill Sherdel of the St. Louis Cardinals (located right in the middle). Willie wasn't the fastest or hardest thrower on the team, but he sure could win on pure craftiness. Unfortunately, his sneaky pitching persona didn't go over too well in the 1928 world Series.

Sherdel was on the mound for Game 4 of the Fall Classic against the Yankees. With a 2 to 1 lead going into the 7th inning, Wee Willie faced Babe Ruth and seemingly struck him out looking. But, it was with some controversy. Sherdel had quick pitched Ruth- he took the relay from the catcher with his foot on the rubber and quickly threw the ball at the plate for a strike before the batter could get set up. In the National League this was legal, but deemed illegal in the American League and in this game. Ruth would stay up at the plate and proceed to hit a game tying home run. Then the next batter, Lou Gehrig, hit a homer and the route was on. The Cardinals would never recover as the Yankees would swept them for another championship.

Ranked at #36 on the Cards All-Time top 40 players by The Cardinals Nation.com, his team records include fourth all-time in career wins, third all-time in games pitched and fourth all-time in innings pitched and complete games.