Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kings Visit Dodger Stadium

(Pic Credit: Jon SooHoo/ Los Angeles Dodgers 2012)

The Kings, with the Stanley Cup in tow, visited Dodgers Stadium today and proceeded to squash any sense of a rivalry that may have been afoot.  Heck, just the mere presence of the recent Stanley Cup Champions caused both Los Angeles Baseball teams (snicker, snicker) to fall in line for a giant team photo.  Check out Jon SooHoo's masterpiece above.  I guess no one can deny the championship love parade that comes from winning it all.  Heck, even Matt Kemp was taken in by the majesty and shininess of The Cup.
(Pic Credit: twitter John SooHoo/ LA Dodgers 2012)

There are a ton of pics online; especially on twitter.  My top pick would be The Mayor of Mayor's Manor (a Kings Blog).  He has a large group of pics available to see.  My favorite is of defenseman Matt Greene sporting a full Dodger uniform complete with glove and Eye Black. He must be a huge Baseball fan.
(Pic Credit: The Mayor John Hoven)
Apparently Greene even stayed in the dugout just as the game was starting. Ain't that a violation of Baseball rules?  Does that mean MLB can suspend Greene from the game? Could he have been thrown out?  How funny would it have been if the umpire spotted him and demanded his exit?
(Pic Credit: The Mayor John Hoven)

Collection: A Couple of Autofacts

Here is one fact.  Neither of these guys are still on the Dodgers.

Featured here are two autographed insert cards from my collection.  They are 2007 Upper Deck Artifacts "Autofacts" cards of Eric Stults and Delwyn Young.  Stults is currently on the Padres roster as a starter, and Young does not appear to be in Baseball any longer. 

Please Help! In Need of Kings Championship Rally Tickets

I know this is a lot to ask, but I'm a little desperate.

My buddy, who happens to control the account for our season tickets, made the horrible and almost-unforgivable mistake of trying to order the tickets for the Stanley Cup Championship Kings Rally at the Staples Center tomorrow too late.  So, we got shut out and did not get any rally tickets.


Does anyone out there have any a couple of extras?  Please, oh please!  Maybe, Trade???

2012 Topps Series 2- Dodgers Base Cards

Following up on my post from last week, here are the 10 Dodgers within the base set from the 2012 Topps Series 2 set.  Note that Kershaw has 2 different base cards.

There are 10 Dodgers included.  See them all below.  Here's an unfortunate note, A. J. Ellis still does not have a regular 2012 Topps base card.  What's up with that Topps?

357  Aaron Harang

383  Andre Ethier

401  Kenley Jansen

405  Nathan Eovaldi

406  Juan Rivera

438  Juan Uribe

482  Chris Capuano

486  Jerry Sands

588  Mark Ellis

600  Clayton Kershaw

As I briefly mentioned above, Kershaw has two different base cards in the set.  I had highlighted this and a Matt Kemp variation insert card last week, in a separate post.  On the left is the short printed variation, and on the right is the normal base card for Clayton.

Some of the Kings Give Aways

I'm still trying to burn off this Kings magic.  It's day 2 of the Stanley Cup Championship game and I still can't get this grin off my face.  I've got a perma-grin!

Following up on that feeling I thought I would share a couple of the freebee's given out at the game and during the pregame festivities. 

I thought this was one of the better give-away's from the Stanley Cup Finals.  It is a small, palm sized, silver star looking, foam toy with Kopitar and the number #11 emblazoned on it.  These Kopistars (do see what I did there?) were tossed around to fans during the pregame festivities at Game 4. 

Of course, no event like this would be complete without free hockey cards given out to fans.  Upper Deck put together a Kings themed Stanley Cup Finals card set that was given out to fans at Game 4.  Both the front and backs of all 6 cards are shown below.  Many of the photos appear to be from the Vancouver series.  Click any pic to embiggen.