Saturday, November 08, 2014

Blog Kiosk: 11/8/2014 - Dodger Links - Farhan Zaidi, Yasiel Puig and Chad Billingsley

The Dodgers introduced their new General Manager, Farhan Zaidi, yesterday to a handful of local press people, and by most accounts it was a successful event.  He had an opportunity to address his analytical background and philosophy in such a way that even LA Times reporter Steve Dilbeck could understand it.  Photo above via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2014.

Still, I so wanted to hear the gallery chant the demeaning phrase 'NERD, NERD' like that lovable oaf named Ogre from that mid-80's movie classic that spawned three unwatchable sequels.

Yesterday could have been the prologue before the opening credits scrolled on the television screen.  Then, mad hazing would ensue as a wild and wacky crew of old-school Baseball defenders, lead by Ryan Theriot, enact their cruel yet hilarious forms of justice.  Soon, an unlikely romance is born before the plot climaxes with a rousing speech about how Baseball has always been about statistical analysis - heck, read about Allan Roth to understand how the Dodgers were one of the early vanguards.

At the end of the movie, the camera would pan across a cheering fanbase spread throughout Dodger Stadium.  Seated right in front, in the area usually occupied by Tommy Lasorda, is a motley collection of former rivals.  Hand in hand, stats folks and non-stats folks would rejoice in a happy bliss.

It coulda happened.

Below are some links to check out:
“Both guys are going to touch everything. It’s a massive operation, and our vision is to be as good as we possibly can be in every facet. The development side, international, scouting, the way we use information, the way we prepare at the Major League level — all of those are incredibly important. To have all of touching those not only puts us in the best position we can be but allows us to do so as quickly as we can.
“The hard question isn’t just evaluating how good players are, it’s how good players are going to be. And that’s another thing that you’re never going to be able to build, is some model that’s going to project and tell exactly what someone’s going to do next year. … That’s why you need this holistic approach to baseball operations, otherwise you’re going to miss out on a whole swath of opportunities.

For the second time this year, a federal judge has rejected an attempt by Yasiel Puig to dismiss a lawsuit blaming the Dodgers outfielder for the imprisonment and alleged torture of a Cuban man.
  • Via Ken Rosenthal on twitter, Chad Billingsley has changed agents.  There is no guarantee that he'll remain a Dodger.  There is bound to be a team out there willing to take a flyer on him.  Call it a high risk/high reward scenario.

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