Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Great Dodger Photos via Legendary Auctions

Legendary Auctions recently had a bunch of vintage press photos on eBay for sale. Below are some choice examples featuring our beloved boys in blue.

O'Malley and a whole cadre of Dodger fans from the old borough of Brooklyn cheer on the Dodgers before the 1963 World Series against the Yankees. The old Brooklyn cheer must have been magic since the Dodgers swept the Yankees that year.

Walter Alston goes through a range of emotions during the 1961 pennant race. Unfortunately, the Dodgers ended up 4 games back of the Reds.

Below is a Sport Magazine original photo of Duke Snider taking his whacks in the batting cage.

An argument and fight ensues after Don Drysdale throws a "duster" at Joe Cunningham. Dated September 4, 1959.
Nice wheels Sandy.

Out at home! June 1, 1955; Jackie Robinson is tagged out at by Del Crandall. This photo was featured in a September 1962 Sport Magazine issue.


  1. That almost looks like Walt Disney in the first photo, third from the right in the dark hat and big smile. :) Blowing it up blurry however I'm not sure.


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