Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We are Now Fans of the Brooklyn Superbas

At the moment, but who knows for how long, Google only recognizes our team by a moniker not used in over 100 years. 

As you likely know, the Dodgers have gone by several different nicknames over its history.  They began as the "Atlantics," in homage to a championship club that played in the mid-1800's.  Then they became widely known as the "Grays."  Following that they were the "Bridegrooms."

Then something strange happened in 1899. The Brooklyn club effectively merged with the Baltimore club.  As a result, players changed hands.  The best of which moved to Brooklyn, while Baltimore got the rest.  This essentially created a "super-team" in Brooklyn as legends like Hughie Jennings, Wee Willie Keeler, Joe Kelley and manager Ned Hanlon moved to the New York borough.  Obviously, this meant a new nickname had to be hatched... And, oh boy!... The sportswriters had a good one.

As the Baseball season was about to get underway a vaudeville troupe was gaining in popularity throughout the city.  They were called "Hanlon's Superbas."  Naturally, the ever witty press corps, seeing that the Brooklyn manager shared the same name as the vaudeville troupe, started calling the team the "Superbas," and it would last for over a decade. 

Fast forward 116 years and the "Brooklyn Superbas" moniker is far from forgotten.  If you do a search for the Dodgers on Google right now they refer to the Dodgers by that old nickname.  Check out the screengrabs above and below to see what I mean.

I have no idea how long this will last, or even why it's happening in the first place.

All I do know is that I love this, and hope they eventually do the same for other ballclubs. 

Can I hear a "yes" for the Cleveland Spiders?

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Mike Piazza was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Shared a Lasorda Story

With the Hall of Fame induction ceremony around the corner, Mike Piazza visited Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and took a moment to discuss Tommy Lasorda's reaction to finding out he'd be going in as a Met.  You gotta check it out (video at the very bottom).  It's quite funny.

What's even better is that the once surly Piazza appears to have cooled his heals.  In the past I think it'd be fair to say that he was openly hostile to the Dodgers.  He was publicly emphatic about the New York Mets being closer to his heart, and openly dismissive of the team that gave him his start.  No doubt, he was still pained by the trade that ushered him out of Los Angeles.  As you will see, though, time has changed his perspective.  Kimmel plainly asked if he would come to LA should the Dodgers honor him, and he responded with an affirmative. 

Dodger Doings - Vintage 1943 Newsletter - Issue #3

Following up on several vintage Dodger newsletters I've shared over the past several weeks, here is a 1943 issue to take a look at.  Go here to check out all my past "Dodger Doings" post.  Click on any pic to embiggen.  Furthermore, I'd like to extend thanks to fellow Dodger collector Doug for passing this along.

Dated June 20, 1943, this newsletter reminds us of the important link between Baseball and World War II.  As you know, several notable ballplayers signed up to fight.  One of which is highlighted on the front page of the featured newsletter.  Check out what was written about former Dodger center fielder Harold "Pete" Reiser. 
Despite the fine play of Augie Galan in centerfield for the Dodgers this season, Brooklyn fans will always remember the kid who came from "nowhere" to win acclaim and fame as the youngest player ever to wear the National League batting championship crown.

When they think of "Pete" Reiser they will think of home runs smashed to win crucial games... they will think of a sturdy young man racing, jumping, diving to make brilliant defensive plays as he roamed his position in centerfield.  And they will think of that waning afternoon in St. Louis in 1942 when that fighting Reiser spirit... that will to win... led him to crash into a concrete wall in a valiant attempt to thwart the "enemy."

Truly, if Pete Reiser is representative of the young American men in uniform, victory must certainly be ours.

2016 Topps Tribute - The Dodgers Milestone Relics and Stamp of Approval Cards

Over the past week I've shared pics of most of the Dodger cards found in packs of 2016 Topps Tribute, but held off on the ones below. 

Why, you ask?

Well, as you can see, each of these cards include a game-used relic piece and an MLB Authentication sticker attached.  What this means is that each specific card and it's game-used material can be traced to a specific game.  So, I though it would be interesting to take a closer look at them.  Featured are the "Milestone Relics" and "Stamp of Approval" relic cards.


These cards are numbered to only ten copies, and no parallels exist.  Also, two Dodger players are available: Clayton Kershaw and Corey Seager.  Unfortunately, I can't quite make out the reference number on the Kershaw card below, but I do know that the relic pieces is of a game-used Baseball retrieved from Kershaw's 100th win in the Major Leagues.  In fact, it says as much on the bottom right of the card.  It says:
"Kershaw, Just 27, Wins 100th"
On a side note, an autographed "1 of 1" card does exist, but has yet to surface.  BTW, Kershaw won his 100th game on May 15, 2015 against the Colorado Rockies at Dodger Stadium.  Go here for the boxscore.

#MR-CKE Clayton Kershaw

Blog Kiosk: 7/19/2016 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

With the Dodgers scheduled for a day off in Washington DC yesterday several players and staff members decided to take on the town like a bunch of tourist.  For some, a stop at the FBI Training Center in Quantico, Virginia, was in order, as evidenced in the photo above provided by Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo on twitter.  For others, a walk around our nations capital would be the highlight of the day.  Check out Kenta Maeda in the photos below, via his Instagram account.

Another player had something else on his mind for his day off, though.  Brandon McCarthy decided to head to the Smithsonian.  Go here to see what he decided to share with the world. 

Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodger History: In 1977 Don Sutton is named the All-Star Game MVP at Yankee Stadium.  He pitched three scoreless innings to help the National League win, 7-5.  In 1993 Raul Mondesi made his Major League debut by singling in his first at-bat (as a pinch-hitter in the 7th inning) against Phillies pitcher David West.  
  • Happy Birthday, Rachel Robinson!  She is 94 years old today.