Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dodger Days of Our Lives

If you've been reading the chattering classes then you've undoubtedly come across the recent hubbub about the unruly and immature attitude of Cuban slugger Yasiel Puig.  Heck, you couldn't follow anything on twitter that was Dodger related the past couple of days without being bombarded by this.

Puig moralizing was everywhere.

Puig was branded with every negative adjective you could think of.  He was disrespectful, immature, emotional and rude.

And now that he has been benched for this evenings game, much of the media appears to believe that the Dodgers are sending him a message.  But, are they really?

Or is this just another day of the world turning for the young and restless?  After all, they've got one life to live and the bold and beautiful are searching for a better tomorrow.

Here's a brief timeline of todays hot soap opera style gossip.

Puig is Late!  Puig is Late!

Oh Oh!  Time for a spanking.

Spanking completed.  That'll show him who's boss. 

It's getting serious now!

Wait, Wha?  Hasn't he gotten the message?

There ya go.

Will it be enough to knock some sense into him?

For the purposes of this soap opera and the future bylines of the travelling press corps, I hope not.  This perceived train-wreck is too salacious and sexy to allow a little bit of reason to get in the way.

UPDATE:  I guess I should add that Puig is staying with relatives in the Miami and headed for the ballpark a little late.  Then, he got stuck in traffic.  

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A Couple of Vintage Dodgers Memorabilia Items at Legendary Auctions

Legendary just opened up their August auction and it includes a couple of notable Dodgers memorabilia items.  Check them out below.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

Here is a 1915 Fatima Turkish brand cigarettes advertising poster that features Hall of Fame Brooklyn Dodger Zach Wheat.  He, along with fellow National Leaguers Red Smith and Gavvy Cravat, forms the "The Strong Arm Squad of the National League".  As you may know, Fatima created a couple of cards sets posthumously known as T200 and T222 in 1913 and 1914, respectively.
(Auction Link)

This next item is really neat.  Below is a scorecard and ticket stub from the game in which Don Drysdale completed his Major League record 58 2/3 scoreless innings pitched.  The ticket stub is from June 8, 1968.  Drysdale gave up his first run in the 5th inning of this game against the Philadelphia Phillies after pitching shutouts in 6 consecutive games.  Check out the game box score here.
(Auction Link)

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Seating Chart for Kings / Ducks Game at Dodger Stadium Is Available

Via Bennis Bernstein of The Fourth Period on twitter, he shares a pic of the seating chart and ticket prices for the upcoming outdoor hockey game at Dodger Stadium.  The game will feature the LA Kings versus the Anaheim Ducks on Saturday, January 25th.

At first glance, the ticket prices are high.  I've been told, though, that you are paying for the experience of the event and not necessarily a hockey game.  As a fanatic Kings and hockey fan, I will be there - come hell or high water.

Field level, Pavilion, and Top Deck seats, which will likely have terrible views, are the cheapest tickets available at $89.00 to $149.00.  The Top Deck area might not be so bad.  You may be far from the action, but at least you can get a full view at the cheapest prices.  Loge level are the priciest tickets at $279.00.  Club level are at $259.00.  Reserve level seats range from $189.00 to $249.00.

BTW, ticket prices are determined by the NHL, not by the Kings, Ducks or Dodgers.

I wonder if I can get press access.  I'll have to check on that.

I do not know what is planned for Kings, Ducks or Dodgers season ticket holders.

As a long-term Kings season ticket holder, I hope they do us a solid.

You can sign up for Stadium Series information here.  It doesn't appear that you can order yet, but this chart should be helpful in your planning.

UPDATE:  Apparently, Kings season ticket holders have been placing ticket orders since either Monday or Tuesday.  Since I don't handle the account for my season tickets, I didn't find out that they were for sale for us until this morning (8/21).  I'm shooting for Top Deck seat.  Hopefully, we can get into their system.  My season ticket buddy had some initial problems getting in this morning.

UPDATE II:  Victory!  I just received confirmation that I now have a ticket to sit in the Top Deck for this hockey game.  Hooray!

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Blog Kiosk: 8/20/2013 - Dodgers Links - #1 on ESPN's Power Rankings, No to Cano and Puig

Two young Cubans faced off last night in Miami - Yasiel Puig and Jose Fernandez.  Pic via @Marlins on twitter.
  • Jim Caple at ESPN writes that the Dodgers uni's are the most beautiful in Baseball.
  • If you haven't seen this already.  Take a look at the Hello Kitty Dodger bobblehead that will be given out on Sept. 9th.  Pic via @Dodgers twitter.
  • For the first time all season, ESPN has placed the Dodgers #1 on its Power Rankings list.  See it here.
  • Responding to a rash of trolling on twitter, Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts writes, "Yasiel Puig does not need to be benched".
  • Tony Jackson at Dodger Scribe has some "Puig Postgame Comments".
“There is nothing really to comment on about that,” Puig said, through the interpreter. “I thought (the second pitch) was a ball, and (plate umpire John Hirschbeck) called it a strike.”
  • The most comprehensive collection of photos from the National Sports Collectors Convention can now be seen at Sports Antiques.comGo there to be wowed.  There are 700+ photos to look through.  He focuses primarily on vintage memorabilia and pre-war cards.
  • I can support this position.  I don't believe there is any need to go after Cano.  Via a tweet by Bob Nightengale of USA Today.

“I don’t know if we’re necessarily looking for anything (specific from Wilson),” Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said before Monday's game. “He’s another guy. We’re trying to keep guys healthy and not overused. He’s another guy we can use later in the game.” 

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