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2015 Topps Heritage High Number - The Dodger Base Cards

Last week I commented about the inclusion of a Trevor Cahill Dodger card in Topps newest set - 2015 Heritage High Numbers.  Now, take a look at all the Dodger base cards that are available.  I've included the one known variation (Jimmy Rollins) and several of the parallels.  Go here to check out a complete checklist.

Base Set

#585 Yasmani Grandal                                 #595 Trevor Cahill

Branch Rickey's Christmas Message at the End of WWII

Here is an interesting letter I recently discovered when rummaging through eBay.  It features a letter, dated December 20, 1945, from Dodgers President Branch Rickey to a prospective ballplayer named Richard T. Foley. 

The letter is both poignant and reflective; while at the same time self serving - considering Rickey was interested in retaining Foley for the Dodgers.  Nevertheless, I found Rickey's words to be inspiring and heartfelt.  The "war to end all wars" had just concluded months before, so the time for reflection was no doubt high in most people's minds.  He states in the letter:
Surely this Christmas means more to most of us than any Christmas we have ever known.  The war is over and "Peace on Earth, Good will to Men", again becomes something to think about, and to hope for, and to work for, too.
I don't think I could have said it any better.

Unfortunately, I was unable to nail down specific information about this player, but did find two separate references: one of a Trenton fellow who was in the Red Sox organization and served in both WWII and the Korean War (here) and another at Baseball Reference without much information at all (here).  Considering the address referenced in the letter it appears the latter link is the right Foley.  If you happen to have any information about this player please pass it along.  In the meantime, I've reproduced the entire letter below.
Dear Richard,

Surely this Christmas means more to most of us than any Christmas we have ever known.  The war is over and "Peace on Earth, Good will to Men", again becomes something to think about, and to hope for, and to work for, too.

For many who went from the Brooklyn organization into our country's service, Christmas, 1945 means homecoming, a return to families and friends.  For others, still in the service, it holds promise of happier days to come and very soon.

To all of you -- those who have served, and those still serving, -once again on behalf of the entire Brooklyn organization I send my most sincere good wishes.

I am sending a token of our continuing interest and regard, - two tokens, I believe.  One is a copy of Frank Graham's book, "The Brooklyn Dodgers".  The other is a lighter.  If you don't smoke, give it to your dad, or some other member of your family, or a friend who does.

Anyhow, a Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year, and I hope to see you in a baseball uniform this spring.

Cordially yours,
Branch Rickey, President

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Blog Kiosk: 9/29/2015 - Dodger Links - Hazing the Rookies

Although the Dodgers were unable to clinch the NL Western Division over the weekend they still found a way to have some fun.  Continuing a tradition that goes back several years, the Dodgers dressed up their rookies in ridiculous outfits as they headed out on their roadtrip to San Francisco.  As you can see they used a professional wrestling theme.  In the photo above, tweeted by Alanna Rizzo, are Corey Seager and Scott Schebler.  Check out Sons of Steve Garvey (here and here) for more pics.  Also, David Vassegh shares a selfie with Seager here.  Below is a group photo as they are about to board the plane, via Dodgers on instagram.

BTW, the Dodgers "Magic Number" remains at 2.  With the Dodger playing San Francisco any win will clinch the division.  Below are more links to check out:
  • Brett Anderson channels the ire heard from some fans regarding the rookie hazing event on twitter:
  • Via Mark Saxon at ESPN, "Dodgers eying NLCS for Yasiel Puig's return."
  • Via Ron Cervenka at Think Blue LA,"Dodgers new bullpen motto is working."
    During a recent one-on-one interview with Dodgers bullpen coach Chuck Crim, he shared a little secret about the Dodgers bullpen – his bullpen – they have adopted a new motto.

    “Our motto now in the bullpen is ‘Hey, nobody scores – nobody scores,’” said Crim. “I’ve got Avi (Luis Avilan) to the point where I say ‘Tell it to me… tell it to me.’ When he leaves the pen I’ll tell him ‘Hey man, nobody scores.’ It’s kind of funny but we instill it in their brains, I don’t care if it’s bases loaded and nobody out, nobody scores.”
  • Via Mark Saxon at ESPN, "Brett Anderson says he's interested in returning in 2016."
    "It's been a good fit," Anderson said a few days ago. "It fits my personality here. With [Clayton] Kershaw the top guy, I can just go about my business and kind of pitch in the shadows. It's been gratifying to stay healthy and help win with these guys."
  • Via Eric Stephen at True Blue LA, "Josh Byrnes reportedly interviews for Angels GM position."

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