Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Nancy!

Today is Nancy Bea Hefley's Birthday. In celebration please sit back and enjoy her playing "When I'm 64" on the organ at Dodger Stadium.

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Day 8 Spring Training Report

Here are some notes from the Dodgers on Day 8 of Spring Training. I haven't said this yet, but I would like to extend a big thanks to the folks in the PR department for passing along this information and to whoever it is that has been providing daily photos from Camelback on their twitter feed.
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  • HEAD EAST YOUNG MEN: On Saturday, two squads of Los Angeles Dodgers will head east on the I-10, with one team playing the Giants in Scottsdale and the other taking on the Angels in Tempe. In Scottsdale, Dodger right-handed hurler Tim Redding will get the start and is scheduled to be followed by RHP Carlos Monasterios, RHP Oscar Villarreal, RHP Jon Huber and LHP Wilkin De La Rosa. Over in Tempe, RHP Hiroki Kuroda will make his first start of the Spring and is scheduled to be followed by RHP Rubby De La Rosa, LHP Scott Elbert, RHP Lance Cormier, RHP Roman Colon and RHP Luis Vasquez.
  • THE BIG BOARD: This morning, Baseball America released its 22nd annual Top 100 Prospects list and three Dodger minor leaguers were included in the rankings. Dee Gordon checked in at No. 26 overall while Zach Lee (No. 89) and Rubby De La Rosa (No. 90) appeared back-to-back. Gordon and De La Rosa are both non-roster players this spring, participating in their first big league camp. Lee was the Dodgers first-round pick (28th overall) in the 2010 Draft.
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(Loney & Tony smile for the twittercam)
  • SIGN HERE PLEASE: Today was autograph signing day for the players and coaches at Camelback Ranch. Nearly 300 jerseys, more than 250 photos and almost 2,000 baseballs were signed and will be distributed over the course of the season to various fans, clients, sponsors, community groups and charitable endeavors.
  • PLAY IT AGAIN NANCY: The Dodgers would like to wish Dodger Stadium organist Nancy Bea Hefley a very happy birthday. Hefley began tickling the keys in 1988 and has a repertoire of more than 2,000 songs.

(Pic Link: HitPix Dodgers)
  • OUR SIR CHARLES: The Dodgers would like to welcome radio broadcaster Charley Steiner to Camelback Ranch. Steiner arrived this afternoon and will kick off his seventh season with the organization on KABC 790 this Saturday against the Angels at 1:05 p.m.

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  • LET ‘EM SEE YA SMILE: Tomorrow is the annual Spring Training photo day in which a bevy of entities snap pictures of the 2011 Dodgers from 7-9 a.m. at Camelback Ranch. Among those on site tomorrow are the Associated Press, Getty Images, MLB Photos, Baseball Magazine Sha, Dodger broadcast partner KCAL 9, Topps and

Blog Kiosk: 2/24/2011

  • Capitalism at it's finest. Ben is making some great looking shirts sure to turn some heads at Dodger Stadium, at It's Time for Dodgers Baseblog.
  • This is why YouTube was invented. You must go to "in Bflat 2.0" and play around.
    a collaborative music and spoken word project conceived by Darren Solomon from Science for Girls, and developed with contributions from users.

    The videos can be played simultaneously -- the soundtracks will work together, and the mix can be adjusted with the individual volume sliders.

  • Who says women can't throw. Tim Brown writes about Justine Siegal's trip to the mound as the Indians batting practice pitcher in Arizona.
  • Check out the This site has a complete checklist and pics of every Topps Baseball card. Find Topps football cards here.
  • Check out Craig's Topps Baseball Card Collection site if you looking for some help in figuring out the Sparkle variations in 2011 Topps cards.
  • Here's Dodger Stadium as it slowly transforms back into a Baseball Stadium, per Ross Yoshida's PlixiPic.
  • We may be seeing the end of the Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society, per (Hat Tip: Baseball Musings)
  • Thank you Balloon Juice. (Mike Lukovich via (click to enlarge)
  • Here is a video from the Monster Jam event at Dodger Stadium that I wrote about this past Sunday.

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A Dodger is the First Diamond Embedded Card

Per Maria at "A Cardboard Problem" we find the very first diamond embedded card to be pulled from 2011 Topps packs. The eBay seller pulled a redemption card, turned it in, and is now trying to sell it online. And, as a certain sign that I believe foreshadows the upcoming season, it is a Dodger- Ted Lilly. Check it out below. Wow!

Let me reiterate, this card has an actual diamond in the card.

MEARS Auction: O'Malley and Castro- The Happy Couple

MEARS has their auction closing in a couple of days. I usually don't find items from them that perk my interest. They tend to specialize in game-used uniforms and equipment, not on cards and memorabilia. Fortunately, their current offering has a couple of items that caught my attention.

Here is a vintage photo from the archives of "The Sporting News" that features a strange collection of people. The Dodgers went to play a couple of games in Cuba. I am unsure of the year when this occurred. Here is what was printed on the reverse of the photo.
"Officials and players of the Reds and Dodgers received a warm welcome from Fidel Castro's forces when they played two games at Havana, March 20-21. In front row, left is Gabe Paul, general manager of the Reds. In the second row, standing, are Bud Holman (with beret), a Dodger director, and Walter O'Malley (wearing deputy sheriff's badge), Dodger prexy."

Here is another item from the archives of "The Sporting News." It is a original 1958 illustration lamenting Brooklyn Dodger Zach Wheat's lack of support for his entry into the Hall of Fame. Fortunately, he finally had his day in Cooperstown when he was inducted a year later in 1959.