Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Follow the Dodgers" by Gladys Goodding

Before there was Nancy Bea Hefley there was Gladys Goodding. She was the onetime organist for the Brooklyn Dodgers and is famous for playing a song called "Follow the Dodgers" as the team took to the field to start a game at Ebbets Field.

Below is a record of the song found on eBay. Even better is that I found a recording of the song online here at Go and check it out. Heck, sing along.

UPDATE: Here is more information about Gladys. She joined the Dodgers at Ebbets Field in 1942 and stayed until the team moved west. Originally, she was discovered by Larry McPhail as she played the organ at Madison Square Garden for New York Rangers hockey games. She would later on play at Knicks games. In addition to playing the organ she often sang the National Anthem at Dodger games. When opposing teams came out for batting practice she would often play the following tunes, per a commentator at
Giants - "We're Calling All Fans, All You Giant Ball Fans"
Phillies - "Pennsylvania Polka"
Pirates - "Pennsylvania Polka"
Cardinals - "St. Louis Blues"
Cubs - "Chicago"
Reds - "Down By the O-hi-o"

UPDATE II:  Unfortunately, the BaseballRecordings link is now dead.   Have no fear, though.  Youtube has the song available for you to enjoy.  Watch it at the very bottom of this post, or go to youtube here.

Vids from Opening Day

Here are a group of videos from Opening Day at Dodger Stadium.

Walking to the game with the band.

YouTube Link:

The National Anthem with LeAnn Rimes- complete with flag unveiling, firecrakers and airplanes.
YouTube Link:

Don't Stop Believing.

YouTube Link:

Here is a video of just the FA-18C Hornets flying to Dodger Stadium.

YouTube Link:

Card of the Week: Tools of the Trade

What can you say about Roger McDowell? He liked to joke around.

Above is his 1992 Donruss Triple Play card that features him exchanging lineup cards wearing a tool belt Preacher Roe and Gaylord Perry would be proud of. Unfortunately, the umpires don't look amused. On the other hand, maybe they don't notice the sandpaper in his back pocket.