Monday, October 26, 2015

2015 Topps Update Baseball - The Dodgers' Insert Cards

Below are most of the Dodgers' insert cards found in packs of 2015 Topps Update.  Go here to check out all of my previous post on this set.  I should have many of the All-Star cards found within the set tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I have yet to see any of the Bunt Code cards of the two Dodger players below.  These cards are related to the online app called "Topps BUNT" that is an virtual trading card game.

Bunt Code Cards (#25)

  • #Joc Pederson
  • #Zack Greinke

Career High Jumbo Relics (#/25)

#CHJR-JPE Joc Pederson

Career Highlights Autographs

#CHA-DG Dee Gordon

Blog Kiosk: 8/26/2015 - Dodger Links - Some Odds and Ends

With the World Series just around the corner I thought the above photo of the Dodgers playing the Fall Classic in 1959 was worth a gander.  They faced off against the Chicago White Sox and eventually beat them in six games.  In the above photo they played in front of 92,000 eager fans at the LA Coliseum.  Photo via Lost Ballparks on Twitter.

Below are more links to check out:
  • Funny!  Via Mike Oz at Big League Stew, "(California) Congressman who lost bet sings 'Meet the Mets' on House floor."  Check out the video.
  • Bob D'Angelo at Sports Collectors Daily shares some preview pics from 2016 Topps Gypsy Queen; including the Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax cards below.  This set comes out in early April.
I'm sorry, but as much as I recognize the importance of analytics, it is disrespectful for teams to overlook the value of experience when considering prospective managers. If the main prerequisite for managing is merely sharing and implementing the GM's vision, then a whole bunch of qualified people will continue to be shut out.

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