Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Dodgers Miracle Matchup by IBM?

What the heck is this all about?

I recently came across an old t-shirt promoting an unusual event that features a computer simulated game between two Dodgers' World Series clubs.  It was dubbed a "Miracle Matchup", and it pitted the 1963 club against the 1981 team. (eBay Auction Link)

As a lover of Dodgers' oddball stuff I had to find out more.  Unfortunately, information is a bit lacking.  From what I can gather, IBM put together a group of simulations for various teams and debut the results during an upcoming game in 1986.  In the Dodgers case it was unveiled during a game between the Dodgers and Reds in early September.  I am uncertain if this was an in-game promotion or a commercials fans could watch on television.  If you happen to know anything about this please pass that knowledge along.

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Spring training in New York.

During WWII it was thought unwise to hold spring camp anywhere near the eastern coast.  After all, German U-boats where known to hug the American coastline in an attempt at disrupting supply lines to the European front.  So, the Dodgers spent several March's in Bear Mountain, NY.

Featured above is an International News press photo, dated March 20, 1945, of seven members of the Brooklyn Dodger pitching staff showing off their follow-through at the preseason facility.  (eBay Auction Link)  Per the descriptor on the reverse:
DODGERS PITCHING STAFF.  Bear Mountains, N.Y.....Photographed at the Dodgers spring training camp at Bear Mountains, is team's pitching staff.  (l. to r.) Joe Belmaier, Vic Lombardi (only southpaw in the camp of pitchers), Hal Gregg, Curt Davis, Fred Wells, Otho Nitcholos, and Ben Chapman.
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