Saturday, November 09, 2013

Blog Kiosk: 11/9/2013 - Dodgers Links - Trading a Dodger Outfielder, Bidding War for Tanaka and Instant Replay in the AFL

Here is a April 1944 International News Press Photo featuring 5 MLB'ers playing ball for the US Navy.  It was taken at a tournament in Honolulu, Hawaii in a match pitting the US Navy team versus the All-Star Nine of Hawaiian ballplayers.  From left to right are Hugh Casey, Brooklyn Dodgers; Tom Ferrick, Cleveland Indians; Vern Olsen, Chicago Cubs; Walter Masterson, Washington Senators; and Jack Hallett, Pittsburgh Pirates. Pic found on eBay.
  • I had forgotten to post this up previously.  If you missed this past Wednesday's Off-Season Dodger Talk with Kevin Kennedy and David Vassegh, then you can listen to it here.  
  • Ron Cervenka at Think Blue LA has the preliminary home Spring Training schedule for the Dodgers and White Sox at Camelback Ranch.
  • Mike Axisa at CBS Sports writes, "Report: Dodgers listening on OFers, who has the most trade value?"  I usually don't like pointing to rumors (because most are BS), but I do firmly believe that the Dodgers will look to trade one of their starting outfielders.  I just have no idea who it will be.  Although, I suspect Andre Ethier will be easier to move.
  • Mark Saxon at ESPN thinks the, "Dodgers should listen to offers for Puig".  I could actually be swayed by this, but only as long as the Dodgers sell high.  Like... We should get an unreasonable return; which isn't likely to happen.  So, why am I even mentioning this?
  • Via Ken Gurnick at, "No rookie was more valuable or exciting than Puig".
Puig became an immediate fan magnet because he plays with an unbridled energy that sometimes turns reckless, earning the nickname "Wild Horse" from Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully. "His energy was infectious," said manager Don Mattingly. Your rivalry with the Dodgers, I'm sure, has increased over the last year.
Kendrick: It has, and you know, we owe those guys. I think to get the opportunity to begin the payback for them winning the division the very first day of the season is a great opportunity for us.
  • There will be big time competition for the services of Masahiro Tanaka.  Via Steve Adams at MLB Trade Rumors, "Yankees Making Tanaka A Top Priority; Won't Pursue Ervin Santana".
  • Brian Phillips at Grantland writes, "Man Up", and I couldn't agree more with him.  It's about the recent hazing/bullying brouhaha surrounding the Miami Dolphins.
I am here to hurt you, so I'll also say this: You're a warrior, cool. What the hell are you a warrior for? I'm sorry if this makes it sound like I have emotions other than anger — I assure you that I don't — but tell me this: What's the point of being strong if all you stand for is abusing a suffering teammate?

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