Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are We Back In It?

It's hard to believe, but the Dodgers may be playing themselves back into a possible wild card berth.

Who'd have thought that was possible? Just as I was about to slip away into the summer heat they reach out and pull me back in.

Even stranger, this sudden turn of events may mean that Manny may be going nowhere. If he can turn it on and lift our meager offense for one last push Colletti may refuse to let go of the dread-locked aging slugger.

Per Tim Brown:
While Ramirez was working his way through the waiver procedures, the Los Angeles Dodgers were playing themselves to the edge of National League wild-card contention, meaning general manager Ned Colletti might want to see more before pulling the trigger on a trade.

A calf injury pushed Ramirez’s appearance on the waiver wire to Wednesday. But, as a result, the Dodgers won’t have to make a decision – whether to pull Ramirez back, trade him or award a team its claim (for about $4 million) – until as late as Tuesday, if they choose. A player acquired before Sept. 1 is eligible for the playoffs.

(pic link: Sox Tea Party)

Tommy Davis at the Coliseum

I just can't get enough of these vintage press photos of the Dodgers playing at the Coliseum. Here, Tommy Davis tags third base during warm ups. The famous left field fence looms behind him.

Enright, the Cab Driver Slasher, Was a Fan of Frank McCourt

Now you've all gone and done it. The hate and vitriol surrounding the ownership of the Dodgers has lead directly to violence. Stop the hate! How soon will it be until some rabid boy in blue attempts to blame the demise of this great franchise on some innocent yahoo. Blood is on your hands, folks. Jamie, watch your back.
"TPM continues that Enright, whose Facebook page reveals he liked Scorsese, Frank McCourt and "Life," was working on a documentary."
See, if it's on facebook then it must mean something.

Oh, wait! You're saying that Frank McCourt isn't the McCourt who owns the Dodgers... Oh... Nevermind.


I know this is a really stupid post, but I just couldn't help myself.

Card of the Week: Monobrow

All hail the monobrow. This iconic card is a favorite of mine, so, I felt it was about time I declare this 1963 Topps card of Wally Moon as this weeks "Card of the Week."

Vintage cards don't get much better than this.

Collection: N28 John L. Sullivan

Here is my John L. Sullivan Allen & Ginter N28 card. I've got just one more card from my yet-to-be-completed set left to show. Check out the other cards I've featured here. Sullivan is one of the greatest world heavyweight champions to ever get in the ring. He is thought to have won over 450 fights in his career and was the first American athlete to earn over one million dollars. John L. Sullivan was a bridge between two boxing eras- from the London Prize Ring rules of bare-knuckled boxing to gloved boxing.

Often fighting in a garment resembling long underpants, the term "Long Johns" is said to be named after him.

TSN Press photo: A Smilin' Garvey

Here is a 1974 Press Photo from the archives of The Sporting News featuring Steve Garvey.