Friday, August 19, 2011

Look at Who Had a Party at Dodger Stadium

That spread looks mighty delicious. In fact, I would give by right arm for that giant cupcake on the left. Yum!

This little party was a baby shower for Baby Bugliari- otherwise known as Alyssa Milano future child. Check out her story and a bunch of photos here at her blog.
As the Dodgers win became apparent, and in a moment of appreciation for the afternoon, Alyssa’s visiting cousin turned to the baby’s grandfather, Mr. Milano, and said, “Now all we need is a foul ball hit into our suite.” And then…moments later…a ball came soaring into the suits and was caught by a neighboring fan. Looks like Baby Bugliari is good luck for the team, we can’t wait to meet him!

Daily Conlon: 199 through 207

Back in the saddle again.

After a brief respite from scanning and posting about the Conlon set, I am back (hopefully) with a fervor. Check out todays Daily Conlon cards numbered 199 through 207. To see my past entries featuring this set go here. 8 of the cards shown takes a look at early Baseball history by focusing on the unassisted triple play. And as you can imagine, a Dodger would have to be a part of this history lesson.

On the middle row, far left is former Dodger Clarence Mitchell. He hit into a unassisted triple play on October 10, 1920. Yes, that was during the 1920 World Series, the only time that has ever occurred. It happened during Game 5 of the Fall Classic against the Cleveland Indians. The play was performed by Bill Wamby (Wambsganss) whose own card about the event is on the top row at center. Wamby describes it as such:
"Well, Jim Bagby was pitching for us, as he served up a fast ball that Mitchell smacked on a rising liner toward center field... I made an instinctive running leap for the ball, and just barely managed to jump high enough to catch it in my glove hand. One out... as I continued to second I saw Pete Kilduff still running towards third... so I kept right on going and touched second with my toe (two out) and looked to my left. Well, Otto Miller, from first base, was just standing there, with his mouth open, no more than a few feet away from me. I simply took a step or two over and touched him lightly on the right shoulder, and that was it. Three out. And I started running in to the dugout."
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Blog Kiosk: 8/19/2011

Thank you Miss Rossi for being True Blue. (Pic via twitpic@thebrettrossi)
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