Friday, April 08, 2011

So Long Manny!

Well, that's it for the Manny parade. We won't have him to kick around anymore. No more female medication jokes to amuse ourselves with. No more taunting from the stands or "boo's" when he gets up to the plate. We can't cringe when he misplays that lazy fly or disappears into the scoreboard while the game is ongoing. No... We won't have him around anymore. And, you know what? I think that's sad.

No matter what you thought of him you can't deny that he was a one of the most entertaining players around. He could hit the ball a mile and with all of the confidence in the world- illegal doping notwithstanding. I would be hard-pressed to think of someone who smiled more than him at the game. He was a big kid out there on the field and I think, overall, the fans (no matter where he played) appreciated that. We loved his smile, his personality and I, for one, will miss him.

Although his chances at immortality are diminished greatly (probably no Hall of Fame for you!), I think he will always be remembered fondly for being a winner wherever he played (except for Tampa, of course... and Chicago). Here is the story from ESPN.
"The Tampa Bay Rays were informed today by the commissioner's office that Manny Ramirez has decided to retire after being informed of an issue under the drug program," the Rays said in a statement. "We are obviously surprised and disappointed by this news. We will have no further comment on this matter, and our fans and organization will carry on."
In other words, he failed another drug test. Oh, Manny!

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Kevin & Bean at KROQ had a great recurring bit featuring a fake Manny Ramirez. Check out one episode below.

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2011 Topps Tribute: Dodger Base Cards

The newest Baseball set has just gone live. It is called 2011 Topps Tribute, and as the name suggest it pays homage to many of the games greatest players. Boxes only have 6 packs, and are pricey at about $300.00 a box on eBay. That translates to almost $50.00 a pack- Wow! It's definitely a high end product fit for those with strong stomachs and a healthy wallets. Frugal fans are better off shopping for their favorite cards on-line. Of special note, Sandy Koufax is its main pitchman. Check out the top of an unopened box above.

Anyway, below are the Dodger base cards to the set. Not one current roster player is included, but there sure are a nice crop of vintage heroes to gaze at. BTW, these are some very shiny cards.

From Behind Home Plate at Ebbets

Ahh! Just another wonderful afternoon at the ballpark. Here is a great fan taken vintage photograph from behind home plate at Ebbets Field, as found on eBay. Roy Campanella is on one knee, ready for his turn at the plate.

What also strikes me is the distance between the players and the fans. That's a lot of foul ground back there. It reminds me of Dodger Stadium before the McCourt renovations.

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