Thursday, August 22, 2013

Have No Fear Dodger Fans - Scully is Coming Back Next Year!

Well, goodness gracious.  I am tickled pink.

Bill Shaikin of the LA Times announced some news this evening that I'm sure many Dodger fans have been hoping to hear all season.


We get another year of bliss.

An official announcement should be coming tomorrow.  Per Shaikin at the LA Times:
"It has been such an exciting, enjoyable, wonderful season — the big crowds in the ballpark, everybody is talking about the ballclub, and I really respect, admire and love the management — so everything just fell into place," Scully said.

"I really still enjoy it immensely. My health is good, thank God. So why not? And my wife said, 'Why not?' as well.

"Just the thought of walking away from it to retirement — and looking out the window or something? It's just too good. As a baseball man, and someone who has always loved the game, the situation and the conditions are perfect."
Thank you, Vin.

Above pic via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2013

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“LA Kings Night” at Dodger Stadium is Coming Up

Even with the Dodgers having an historic season, I still ache for some hockey.  Obviously, the glow of their first Stanley Cup Championship has yet to fade.

As you know, Kings season ticket holders have begun ordering their tickets for the upcoming January game at Dodger Stadium.  I'm happy to announce that I got my ticket for the Top Deck yesterday, so I am happy as a clam.  Go here for a graphic showing the seating chart and prices.  I do not know when tickets go on sale for the general public.

As for “LA Kings Night” at Dodger Stadium, that event is quickly approaching.  It will be on Tuesday, September 10th.  Get tickets in the all-you-can-eat Right Field Pavilion, here.  Be sure to use the promo code: KINGS.
LA Kings current/former players will be throwing out the Ceremonial First Pitch and will be in Autograph Alley from 5:20-6:20 p.m. along with Bailey and the Ice Crew.
No information is yet available regarding which Kings will be on hand.

Go here for more information on this event.

UPDATE:  JP Hoornstra of Inside the Dodgers confirms that former Kings Sean O’Donnell, Ian Turnbull and Rob Blakewill be at Dodger Stadium for this event. 

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2013 Panini Pinnacle Baseball - Dodgers Base Cards

Trying to capitalize on the popularity of an older Baseball card sets from the early 90's, Panini just released their newest product called Pinnacle.  It borrows many of the original design elements that made Pinnacle of the early 90's so popular.  They are black bordered beauties with dark shadow backgrounds.  Unfortunately, since Panini doesn't have an MLB license they lack the perfect look that team logo's naturally provide.

Check out the Dodger base cards below.

#22 Clayton Kershaw                           #54 Adrian Gonzalez

There are 3 different parallel cards inserted into packs: Museum Collection, Artist Proof, Artist Proof Blue Parallels.  The below two cards (Crawford & Ramirez) are "Artist Proof" parallel cards.  Notice the silver foil "AP" stamping on the bottom left.  Museum Collection cards are super shiny.

#64 Carl Crawford                              #119 Hanley Ramirez

#128 Zack Greinke                                #137 Matt Kemp

#170 Hyun-Jin Ryu                                #184 Paco Rodriguez

#193 Yasiel Puig

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Blog Kiosk: 8/22/2013 - Dodgers Links - Kershaw's Ping Pong Charity Event, Uribe, Ethier, Wilson and Puig

See... Not only is Puig not late, he's way early.  Check out proof with the above pic provided by the @Dodgers on twitter.
  • Check out a bunch of photos from yesterday's game from Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo here.
  • Via Mark Saxon at ESPN, "Juan Uribe is putting it all together, at last".
“Juan’s been good,” Mattingly said. “It seems like he’s not fouling nearly as many balls back and sometimes that is the byproduct of cutting down your swing just a little bit.” 
  • Listen to David Vassegh's interview with Brian Wilson on "Dodgers on Deck", here.
He opened up about the public fixation with his beard, the hurdles he faced in his rehab to be able to have the opportunity to pitch again in Major League Baseball.
“But I took a step back and realized what this team is capable of doing and where we were headed at the time,” he said. “It was time to get on board and figure out where to fit in.” 
  • Here is a friendly reminder.  If you are interested in attending Clayton Kershaw's ping pong charity even on August 29th then go here for details.  This is meant to be a big fundraiser, so please don't get irked at the prices.  Individual spectator tickets are $1,000.00.
To be fair, Tyson clearly has no idea how to play (“My guy’s not moving!”), which explains why he struggled mightily to topple the game’s first opponent, the aptly-named Glass Joe. You’re not supposed to struggle against Glass Joe. His name is GLASS JOE.
  • Tommy still has game.  Via twitter.

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Dodgers Win - Magic Number is now 29

We are now at that point of the season where we can seriously start counting down the Magic Number. 

With just 36 games remaining for the Dodgers in the regular season, the Dodgers need a combination of 29 Dodger wins and Diamondback losses to win the division.

Oh Boy, that means that we are an Adrian Beltre away from going to the playoffs.

And here's a special note.  Today's game is in the afternoon.  So it starts at 9:40 AM in California.

BTW, with last nights win the Dodgers entered into a three-way tie for the second best record in Major League Baseball. 


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