Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Seating Chart for Kings / Ducks Game at Dodger Stadium Is Available

Via Bennis Bernstein of The Fourth Period on twitter, he shares a pic of the seating chart and ticket prices for the upcoming outdoor hockey game at Dodger Stadium.  The game will feature the LA Kings versus the Anaheim Ducks on Saturday, January 25th.

At first glance, the ticket prices are high.  I've been told, though, that you are paying for the experience of the event and not necessarily a hockey game.  As a fanatic Kings and hockey fan, I will be there - come hell or high water.

Field level, Pavilion, and Top Deck seats, which will likely have terrible views, are the cheapest tickets available at $89.00 to $149.00.  The Top Deck area might not be so bad.  You may be far from the action, but at least you can get a full view at the cheapest prices.  Loge level are the priciest tickets at $279.00.  Club level are at $259.00.  Reserve level seats range from $189.00 to $249.00.

BTW, ticket prices are determined by the NHL, not by the Kings, Ducks or Dodgers.

I wonder if I can get press access.  I'll have to check on that.

I do not know what is planned for Kings, Ducks or Dodgers season ticket holders.

As a long-term Kings season ticket holder, I hope they do us a solid.

You can sign up for Stadium Series information here.  It doesn't appear that you can order yet, but this chart should be helpful in your planning.

UPDATE:  Apparently, Kings season ticket holders have been placing ticket orders since either Monday or Tuesday.  Since I don't handle the account for my season tickets, I didn't find out that they were for sale for us until this morning (8/21).  I'm shooting for Top Deck seat.  Hopefully, we can get into their system.  My season ticket buddy had some initial problems getting in this morning.

UPDATE II:  Victory!  I just received confirmation that I now have a ticket to sit in the Top Deck for this hockey game.  Hooray!

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