Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blog Kiosk: 6/27/2013 - Dodgers Links -

Sweep, baby!  Pic via Dodgers on Tumblr.
  • This is a great idea.  If you haven't seen the Jackie Robinson movie (#42) yet then the Saturday, July 13th home game against the Rockies might be the perfect time.  After that afternoon's game they will screen the movie on their new video screens for all to watch.  Buy tickets here.
  • Via Chris Olds at Beckett, Yasiel Puig will have a autographed Allen & Ginter card this year.  See a sample to the right.
  • Via Eric Stephen at True Blue LA, "MLB All-Star Game 2013: Joc Pederson named to U.S. roster for Futures Game".
  • This is the kind of research only a card collecting nerd could love.  Over on the Net54 message board a couple of members are researching the Jackie Robinson D302 1947 Bond Bread set.  They are trying to figure the real date of issue, and they are on to something.  There are some great photos there.
  • Dodger Penguin does some sleuthing and captures a pic of the Hideo Nomo bobblehead being given out on August 10th.
  • Via Mark Saxon at ESPN, "Brandon League won't be pitching 'stressful' innings".  It's about time!
  • Lyle Spencer at, "Hanley coming to life, leading Dodgers' charge: Mattingly calls shortstop, who has nine-game hit streak, 'a special talent'".
"Hanley's really good," Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said. "He can really hit. None of that stuff surprises me. I'm watching him tonight and thinking about Manny [Ramirez]. That's a special talent."

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    O'Malley Exhibit at Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Tokyo

    If only I could get across the Pacific with ease, I would be here in a New York minute.

    This coming Saturday, June 29th at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Tokyo former Dodger owner Peter O'Malley will, along with Nippon Professional Baseball Commissioner Ryozo Kato, have an official ribbon-cutting ceremony to open up a new exhibit featuring numerous memorabilia items from the O'Malley family.

    Fourteen artifacts from the Peter O’Malley collection will be featured in a special exhibition called: “Baseball in Japan and the O’Malley Family: A Lasting Friendship”.
    (pic via Walter O'

    As for the items that will be on display, one of them is the above featured porcelain hand-painted Noritake plate with Mt. Fuji in the background. It had been signed during the Dodgers’ 1956 Goodwill Tour to Japan and includes 40 autographs.
    “We are honored and delighted that the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Japan asked us for significant items to display in a unique exhibit about our family’s long-time friendship in Japan,” said Peter O’Malley. “We have enjoyed making many friends through baseball in Japan since our first goodwill trip in 1956. All of our memories are special.”
    Other memorabilia items include a collection of eight autographed baseballs representing each of the participating countries from the 1984 Olympic Games exhibition tournament at Dodger Stadium, Hideo Nomo memorabilia, 1988 Dodger World Championship ring, and a jersey worn by Akihiro “Ike” Ikuhara (an assistant to Dodger President O’Malley who was hired in 1965).
    The O’Malley family arranged for three Dodger friendship tours to Japan: 1956, 1966 and 1993. During the 1966 trip, Walter O’Malley was presented at the Prime Minister’s office with the Order of the Sacred Treasure Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon, a high honor for a non-Japanese, in recognition of fostering United States-Japan friendship through professional baseball. The medal, conferred by Emperor Hirohito, will be part of the exhibit. In addition, three different Happi coats presented to the Dodger traveling party during the 1966 Goodwill Tour will be displayed.  On one colorful coat, the Japanese wording reads, “Welcome, World Peace, Dodgers”.
    You can get more information at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Tokyo, Japan website, here.  Walter O' also has information about this exhibit, here.

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