Saturday, December 13, 2014

Adrian Gonzalez Spills the Beans - Says Puig Doesn't Eat Right

Gag me with a spoon!

A part of me is dry-heaving at the thought of it.

A few days ago TMZ caught up with Dodger slugger Adrian Gonzalez, with daughter in tow, to ask him an all important question.  What is the weirdest locker room superstition he's ever seen?

Well, Adrian provides a weird answer... not exactly a direct answer to the question, mind you... But a weird one nonetheless.

Adrian lets us know about a strange eating habit that would surely horrify any foodie. 

He claims that Yasiel Puig eats sushi with ketchup... KETCHUP!

Video Link:

Ya know, I love ketchup and I can just about put it on anything... But on sushi?  That's a whole new different level of culinary failure. Next thing you'll tell me is that Puig puts ketchup on those steaks he loves to eat every morning.  Oh wait, that's not that bad, actually.

I can't even imagine trying ketchup on sushi.  I don't think I could ever try it.  How 'bout you?

Pic at the very top via Feel Good Eating.

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Blog Kiosk: 12/13/2014 - Dodger Links - AGon, Grandal and the Moody Matt Kemp

This past Thursday Adrian Gonzalez rewarded 200 academically achieving students in under-served communities with Nike shoes.  The photo above is via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2014Go here to check out more photos from the event.  Via Yvonne Carrasco at Dodger Insider, "Adrian Gonzalez rewards academic achievement with a special holiday gift."
“This holiday season, my wife Betsy and I wanted to connect with high school students who have focused on their studies all year long,” said Gonzalez. “Education and access to college is incredibly important, and I am grateful for any opportunity in which I can encourage students to achieve their academic goals.”
Below are some links to check out:
But what this really was about was restoring functionality, to the roster and to the atmosphere around the team. That last part is so nefarious as to invite ridicule. The players don’t have to hold hands and engage in group therapy before every game. They also probably shouldn’t curse loudly, throw equipment and demean a teammate when they’re told to get ready to play another position, as Kemp did -- according to team sources -- when the Dodgers decided he could no longer play center field and moved him to left.
Love the new DP combination of Kendrick and Rollins. Love the upgraded up-the-middle defense of Kendrick, Rollins and Joc Pederson. Love how the ground-ball, funky-contact approach of Brandon McCarthy fits that defensive upgrade. Love how they cut payroll, added to their prospect depth and injected life and leadership into their clubhouse so decisively. Just don't love their lineup without Kemp and Hanley Ramirez. But there's more activity coming, in the probable addition of a free-agent starter (James Shields?). And maybe much more. So no one won the week like the Dodgers.
There’s a case for that, certainly. He is a catcher, one with a superb ability to frame balls so they look like strikes, and he has a .350 career on-base percentage, seventh-best among active catchers. He has hit 24 home runs in the equivalent of a season and a half of work – and did it playing half his games in Petco Park, one of the most homer-suppressing stadiums in the sport.

But the second school of thought is that Grandal is barely an average hitter for a catcher, with questionable skills behind the plate. The case for that: Grandal’s offensive statistics after his 2012 rookie season look a lot different than they did during it, and, beyond pitch-framing, his defensive numbers have never looked all that great.
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  • Tim Federowicz sends his thanks to the fans, via twitter:

  • Newest Dodger reliever Chris Hatcher is already making friends with fellow Dodger fans.  Check out this tweet of him signing a Dodger cap below:

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